Why are Aircraft Windows so Small ?

Often we see that the windows of aircraft are very small. Have you ever notice like this why it is so small? whether there is a scientific reason behind it or it is used for design, then we want to tell you that it is designed not to design but to strengthen the aircraft’s.

why are aircraft windows so small

When the first passenger aircraft was made, the size of the window was very big, compared with today’s Jet Aircraft and it was done so passenger had seen the good view of Outside. But at that time the aircraft accident was very high and in 1954 In an investigation, it was found that behind these accidents, the size of the window of the aircraft is large, that causes the weakening of the metal at the corner of the windows and this weakened the whole structure of the plane, causing it to give way during flight.

After this, the size of the windows of the aircraft were redesigning and reduced in size, due to which there was a lot of decrease in the aircraft crash.

if we talk about the size of the window at this time then its size is 33 centimeters high and have three panes -two pressure panes and one interior pane.

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