Who Invented the Mobile Phone?

Mobile phones are one of the most exciting technologies, humans have ever invented. The journey which started with the development of the first cellular network and phone has now reached a point where we are seeing foldable Smartphones and smart devices capable of communicating in a very advanced manner. Today it’s very hard to live a life without a cell phone.

who and when invented mobile phone

How & When the First Cellular Phone was made

Dr Martin Cooper invented the first portable handset. It was developed in 1973 and the first cellular telephone (mobile) call in the world was made on April 3, 1973, by Martin Cooper himself, an executive at Motorola, to his rival Joel Angel, who served at the Bells Labs head of research in the USA. The first cellular phone was named Motorola DynaTAC, weighing 2.5 pounds or 1.1 kg. It provided around 30 minutes of talk time with a charging time of 10 hours.

However, it took many years to develop efficient and reliable cellular networks and drive down the manufacturing costs to make cell phones a viable commercial technology which can serve the masses.

The telephone was invented in 1876 by Graham Bell and with the development of modern cellular technologies, we are capable of doing a lot of exciting things which no one even imagined in those times. The mobile phones today are part of the Internet of Things and social media with the ever-growing entertainment industry which relies heavily on cellular data.

Landmarks in the History of Mobile Phones

  • 1979-Introduction to 1G- The first 1G cellular network meant for commercial purposes was launched in Japan by NTT
  • 1982-First Car Phone- In 1980s mobile phone were well known for their in-car uses.
  • 1990-91-2G Technology Introduced-        In 1991 Finland became the first country to introduce 2G Cellular networks on GSM
  • 1991-First Commercial Call on GSM- On 1 July 1991, the first call was placed on a GSM (Global Standard for Mobile) in Finland
  • 1992 The First Text Message- It was sent by Neil Papworth with the words “Merry Christmas” on December 3rd
  • 1992-First GSM Phone-                                                                             Nokia’s 101 was the world’s first commercial GSM phone
  • 1993-First Touch Screen phone- IBM’s Simon was the first such phone having features of a pager, fax, PDA, email, and QWERTY Keyboard etc.
  • 1994-Invention of Bluetooth- This technology was invented in Sweden in 1994 but was made commercially available only in 1998
  • 1994-Beginning of SMS- Short Message Service through which messages were exchanged between different mobile phones was launched in 1994
  • 1996- First Smartphone-Nokia’s 9000 Communicator was the first modern smartphone.
  • 1999-Email & Web Browsing-                                                                          First mobiles which were capable to send and receive emails and browse the web were launched in April 1999.
  • 2000 World’s First Camera Phone-                         Launched in Japan, Sharp’s  J-SH04 was the first cell phone with a camera
  • 2007-1ST Apple iPhone– Launched in the USA, first iPhone was based on 2G network
  • 2009-First Google Android mobile phone– HTC Dream was the first mobile based on an Android platform

Future Mobile Technologies like 5G and advanced recognition patterns are available to be launched in the coming months. The cellular technology has come out of his age and is truly in its advanced stages.

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