Who Invented the Fan ?

The fan is one of the most common household appliances used worldwide. It has a very long history which dates back to ancient civilizations of India and China. However, the electric fan as we see today was invented in the late 19th century. With its developed forms, it is now used in a wide variety of devices and electrical instruments. Even the modern computers and aeroplanes have this device as an important component.

who invented the fan

Who Invented the Electric Fan?

It was invented in the year 1882 by American electrical engineer Schuyler Skaats Wheeler. The first fan invented by Wheeler had two blades and an electric motor. This invention by Wheeler was inspired and based on the great works of Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. The early ones were made of brass. All the early fans were made to run with DC power.

The first ceiling fan was invented by Philip Diehl, a German-American mechanical engineer, in the same year. He did so by mounting a fan blade with the electric motor of a Singer sewing machine on the ceiling. This design was patented by Philip Diehl in the year 1887.

With the passage of time, fans have been transformed into newer designs and models giving way to more efficient devices which are commercially viable.

 Modern Fans and Technology:

In keeping with the modern times, electric fans have also evolved greatly. Now the contemporary ceiling fans are a combination of creativity and performance giving the best value to your comfort and imagination. They rotate anti-clockwise in order to push the cool air down to the floor. By reversing the direction of rotation, they can be used to direct the warm air downwards towards the floor in winters. Modern fans have a small switch to reverse the rotation of direction to avail this benefit in winters.

Now they are necessarily used in computers, automobiles, lasers, aeroplanes, homes, public places, etc. They are made with plastic and are almost noise-free. Some high-end fans have motor magnets made with rare-earth elements which ensure power and small compact designs. Almost all ceiling fans use a single phase induction motor with a capacitor. The electric motor drives the blades which pushes air towards the floor level.

Core body temperature and heat-related elevations are prevented by using fans. These are also useful in humid climates.

Benefits & Uses of Fan:

  1. Cooling Down and moving the air in the room
  2. Blowing the smoky air out of the kitchen
  3. They are very useful in checking the humidity by blowing fresh air in the room and moving the air
  4. Exhaust fans are quite useful in bathrooms, factories, manufacturing plants, and kitchens
  5. As a decorative item, they can be used in homes to increase the aesthetic value.
  6. They make air-travel possible as they are used in all the aeroplanes and helicopters.
  7. They are also used for agricultural purposes in some developing countries

We all know how difficult it is to get a restful sleep in a warm summer night. Thanks to this invention, people are having a peaceful and restful night sleep.

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