Who Invented the Airplane ?

he dream of flying is as old as the human conscience.  An aeroplane is a fixed-wing aircraft which is used worldwide for traveling, shipping, military, research and other purposes. However, a few centuries before no one had imagined that human would be able to fly in the sky. The invention of the machine like an aeroplane has vastly changed the way we travel and work. This is a phenomenal invention which has created a huge impact on the way we understand different societies. This invention can be termed as the watershed moment in the realm of globalization.

who and when invented airplane

The First Successful Airplane

On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made four brief flights at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina, the USA with their aircraft and made history by becoming the first successful person to fly an aircraft. The first flight was very short covering around 120 feet in a span of 12 seconds. The Wright brothers were aviators and inventors from the USA. This was a gasoline-powered, propeller-driven biplane. This was the first controlled, sustained, powered flights. Muslin cotton fabric covered the spruce of the first flyer with a framework built of ash wood. The wingspan was 40 feet and 4 inches and the length of the aircraft was 21 feet.

The first successful flight did not come easily to the Wright brothers. Before this invention, they have had worked on several different gliders over the years and their first glider with an engine was built in 1903.

There were five witnesses to the first successful flight by a human and Orville made the first flight, while Wilbur took the second. One of the major challenges before the Wright brothers was the design of an effective pilot control system. To overcome this hurdle they invented the three-axis control which lets the pilot maintain equilibrium while steering the aircraft in an effective way. This invention was patented on May 22, 1906, which is used even today by all fixed-wing aircraft worldwide. It is interesting to note that Orville and Wilbur did not attend college, but they possessed extraordinary technical ability and wisdom to solve complex mechanical design problems.

Aeroplane travel has improved over the years and now, it can take you over continents in just a few hours. The formerly used propellers are replaced by jet engines which have the ability to travel with a speed of more than 600 miles every hour. We even have supersonic and hypersonic machines which are really technological marvels.

the aircraft used by Wright Brothers is now at display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. It is open to visitors.

Top 10 Aerospace Companies in the World

Here is the list of top aerospace companies according to the global revenues.

  1. Boeing – It is the largest aerospace company in the world
  2. Airbus
  3. Lockheed Martin
  4. United Technologies
  5. General Electric
  6. Northrop Grumman
  7. Raytheon
  8. Safran
  9. BAE Systems
  10. Leonardo

At present Lockheed Martin is the global leader in military aerospace contracts but also has a sufficient stake in the civilian aerospace market. However, Boeing is the market leader.

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