which country is known as land of white elephant

Thailand is famous as the country of white elephants because there is large population of white elephants is present in Thailand. The official name of Thailand is Kingdom of Thailand and the capital and most populous city of this country is Bangkok. The population of Thailand is consists of more than 68 million people. It is at 21th number in context of population in the world and on 50th number in context of area. The people living in this country are mostly known as Thai people around the world. Thailand has the second largest economy in the south Asian countries due to the sophisticated human development.

White Elephants

These elephants are considered as rare elephants in the world and due to the large population of such elephants in Thailand, this country is famous as country of white elephants. These elephants have the skin with color of reddish brown which become pink on wetting. Usually these elephants are also mistaken as albino. People of Thailand use a specific term “Chang Samkhan” for such elephants which has the meaning of auspicious elephants or purity. These elephants are nominally white and have no white color. When we look into the history of these elephants these were used in the battle and elephants were considered as the powerful source of victory against the invaders. In the army of King Khusrau II these elephants were used by the side of Persia. In the religion of Hinduism they also have a significant importance also and in this religion they considered as a belonging to the god Indra. Thai people capture these elephants from the wild ecosystem and then transferred to the royal palace where these elephants judged by the royal experts as whether these are auspicious elephants or not.

Importance of White Elephants in Thailand

White elephants have the significant importance in Thailand and due to the abundance of availability and importance this is the country of white elephants. These elephants are regarded as the holy creation of God and this concept is present from the centuries before in Thailand and few other corners of the world. In Thailand these animals are considered as symbol of royal power and some divine. People who own these animals are considered as successful, wealthy, politically powerful and also considered as wise people. Thailand king has the herd of these animals consists of 11 elephants while the General of Thailand named Than Shwe has three white elephants. Due to such importance everyone has a wish to own an elephant in this country. The General of Thailand is considered to be the descendant of Burmese Kings and also the heir. This amazing history of the country regarding these marvelous animals makes it the country of white elephants. In history elephants played a vital role during battles especially in the Asian lands, besides these white elephants normal elephants also have the vital importance in the battles.


Many people has a wish to rear these animals but they are only limited to the royal families present in the country. The rearing of such animals is very costly and proved to be uneconomical while a large part of population lives in the poverty. The activists of animal rights also raised the voice for the movement of such animals for their habitat to conservation centers of royal families.

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