What Is The Full Form Of NSG

People are often curious to know the full forms of acronyms which are used in daily newspapers, TV channels and other sources of information like Internet. Acronyms are the short forms of the long tail words which are combined to give a specific name to something. There are numerous acronyms are being used in the writing and speaking context and these short forms are helpful as well as complex to understand the real meaning. Usually, people don’t know the full forms of acronyms and our mission is to provide you the detailed information regarding most famous acronyms. In this article, I will explain different full forms of NSG used in different fields.

what is the full form of nsg

Various full forms of NSG

  • Nuclear Supplier Groups (NSG)

It is a major full form which is used in the context of NSG. Nuclear supplier group is the group of nuclear supplier countries which are involved in reducing the weapons related to nuclear and controls the exports of the nuclear material which is used in the preparation of nuclear weapons. They protect the material of nuclear from the illegal usage and export of this material to the illegal hands. The main purpose of this group is to handle the production of nuclear weapons and nuclear material so that the use of this material can be used for only beneficial purposes. This group was established as the results of Indian nuclear test in the year 1974 and the first base of this group found in 1975. Many nations already signatures the NPT (Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) and they now forced to limit the export of the nuclear material in the non-nuclear states except in case of certain circumstances. Many meetings were held in London and due to this reason, the group is also called London Supplier group. In the initial time there were seven countries in the membership of this group including France, Japan, West Germany, Soviet Union, United States, United Kingdom and Canada while in the year 1976-1977 the number of members increased to 15 and East Germany, Poland, Netherland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Czechoslovakia included at that time. Up to the year 1990, 12 other nations were added in the membership of NSG. In 2004 China became a member of Nuclear Supplier group. In the year 2018, the total members of the NSG are 48. Three countries submitted their applications for becoming the members of this group and these three countries are Pakistan, India and Namibia.

  • National Security Guards (NSG)

This full form of NSG is used in India. National Security Guards is the force of India which works under the Ministry of Home Affairs. This force was established in the year 1984 for the blue star operation as a result of assassination of Indira Gandhi and the basic purpose of this force is to the combat with the terrorist activities in the country and to protect the internal affairs of the country. This force is not categorized in the central armed forces of India but it plays an important part to protect the Indian states from many terrorist activities. The mandate of this group is special force group and operational capabilities are provided by the Indian Army. SRG (Special Ranger Group) the police group of NSG which handles the security of VIP personnel. The members of National security guards are often called as Black Cat by the Indian Media because the total outfit of members is black. It is a specialized force for counter-terrorism. The head of this force as Director General is selected by the Ministry of Home Affairs. There are three main groups which perform the different functions for the prosperity of the nation and to protect the nation from many threats. The following are the three main groups of the NSG.

  • SAG

Special Action Group (SAG) is the offensive and striking wing of this department. The members of this group are selected from the Indian Army. The group has its own headquarters, trainings centers and support units. The training of the members of this group is conducted by the officers from the army. There are two subgroups of the SAG as special action group 51 and 52 both have the different functions as 51 is specialized for the anti-terror operations and 52 is specialized for the counter hijack operations.

  • SRG

Special ranger group (SRG) each troop in the SRG has the strength of battalion. There are three subgroups present in the SRG as 11, 12 and 13 each has the different functions and operations to perform. Each group is assigned for the specific activities in the anti-terrorism activities.

  • SGS

Special composite group has the five hubs in the different major cities of India and perform the special activities regarding peace in the cities. They are selected from army and central armed police forces (CAPFs).

National Senior Games

This full form of NSG used in America. It is an annual Olympic game event in which senior citizens of America take part. It is a sports competition in which many 50 plus aged people take part and prove their qualities in the sports event. The first national senior game took place in the year 1987 and in that event total participants were 2500 people. In the recent events near about 10,000 competitors involved and near about 20,000 spectators were present to enhance their courage in the matches. This event is supported by the National Senior Games Association.

Naval Security Group

It was an organization inside America tasked to gather the information related to intelligence and to make sure that this information was not reached to any third party. The major function of this organization was to make sure of that the signals intelligence, information insurance and cryptology. This organization was active from the year 1935 to the year 2005. It is also the part of the American Navy and the national security forces. This organization was transferred to the Naval Network Warfare Command and the service of cryptology was transferred to the United States Tenth Fleet during the year 2010.  

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