VPN Full Form- What is the Full Form of VPN?

If you are a regular internet user then you must have read the VPN term on the internet and you are curious to know about this specific term and also the VPN full form. In these days where technology emerges every day with a new concept and new methods, it is not surprising that some things are very effective for the usage in our daily life and internet is a very extensive and reputable example in this context. Somethings about the new technology like the internet are very difficult to understand for the ordinary people but the professionals are very keen to explain them. VPN full form is very simple but the inner context is much difficult to understand for the common men. In this article, I will explain to you about each and every important aspect regarding the VPN full form.

Full Form of VPN- Virtual Private Network

The VPN full form is Virtual Private Network. This technology shared a private connection to the public connection and enable the public users to receive and send the data to a private network if the computing devices of the public networks are directly connected with the private network. The applications which run through the virtual private network are considered to be more secure, manageable and accurate in functionality. The virtual private network was established to allow the use of a private network to the other users present in a company for example if a company has its head office in a city and regional offices in the other cities then they can receive and send data on a single private network with more security and they can share the information over a single network. The virtual private network includes some protocols and layers for the establishment and the public users got entrance in the virtual private network through some certificates, passwords and some other authentication methods. In these days the use of the VPN is also done with another perspective like internet users use the VPN to secure their transaction being done on the internet and to secure the personal identity. Some websites of the internet restrict the VPN access because they want the identity of the visitor and do not want to visit by the unidentified person whose location is not identified by the system. This technology proves very helpful in recent days for the major companies to share their information over a single network and the use of this technology is increasing day by day. We will discuss the pros and cons of this system later in this article but it has more advantages for the major companies and for their securities although there are some issues regarding the security are also present in it but they are not major issues. VPN full form explains that it is a virtual private network and it is not original. The use of this technology is common among internet users and also in the professionals for their different purposes. It is said that in every 4 people there is one person who uses the virtual private network as VPN full form.

Short History of VPN

The use of VPN started when it is first implemented in the year 1996. The Gurdeep Singh’s Pall of Microsoft develop a method named Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) to implement the VPN. Gurdeep Singh develops this method to provide a secure network and connection to the people who can work from their homes with a lot of security. That was the time when this method introduced in the world and the evolution of this technology begins. From that years till now there are many methods are developed which are more secure and advanced than the previous versions of this technology. After the implementation of a first private network, it was named as VPN full form Virtual private network. Now there are many types of this technology are present in the world like personal VPN and Business VPN each have different protocol system in them and operated differently with each and other. Encryption is evolving day by day and with the every passing day people are getting more new stuff and the new stuff is more advanced in the technology and methods.

Areas with high Usage of VPN

There are some areas which are using VPNs with high percentage and they are more secure with the use of this technology. Indonesia uses 41% VPNs, Turkey uses 36%, Thailand uses 39 %. These countries are top in the usage of this technology in the current days because the government and other departments of the countries are using this system for the security reasons and people are more aware of the internet technology and securities issues.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPN

As you all know the importance of this system and also get important information regarding the VPN full form, now you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this technology for the users.


  • This technology will make you able to access a public connection easily and safely without any security issues like if you want to use a WiFi on your device then you must use this technology so that you can secure your privacy.
  • It provides you with the ultimate online security and regardless of the network which is you are using on your device if you use this technology it protects your web data.
  • It enables you to access any of your favorite content on the internet either the programs or any things in any corner of the globe.
  • It also increases the internet speed of your connection.


  • Most of the reputable VPNs are not available for free and you have to pay to use those virtual private networks.
  • Not all the virtual private networks are authentic and reputable. Some of the private networks are disgusting as they will put you in the trouble.
  • The usage of some private networks are very complex as an ordinary person cannot understand the system and it will take some time to understand the usage.

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