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In this century there are many ways of communication and if we go some decades back in the past then technology has not emerged in that era and basic way of delivering the information to the public was TV. In those days TV was the single entertainment entity. Different announcements of government were done through TV and many other useful aspects can be seen regarding TV in the past decades. This article is all about the full form of TV, its useful aspects in the past and today’s world. We will discuss the information about this initial technology and some history of TV.

what is the full form of tv

information about Full form of TV

Full form of TV is “Television”. It is a technology of moving images, videos and sound around the world through a specific medium. It is used in these days for the purpose of advertisement, news and entertainment. In most countries, it is usually called as tele and in some countries, it is referred as telly. Television was developed in the late 1920s during the different experiments but the original form of television was formed after World War II which was in the Black and white form. At first, this remarkable project became popular in America, British and in some other countries and used commonly in houses, offices and many other public places for entertaining the people. Some five to six decades ago television was the only source of entertainment, news and other related subjects. In the mid of 1960s, the improved version of television was introduced which was in color images and videos with greater efficiency.

Later on, many other devices were developed like VHS, DVDs, Betamax and many others to watch the prerecorded videos of television. At the end of 2000 television technology capture the popularity in the public of all countries and at that time another version was introduced from simple videos to the high definition videos which enable the viewers to entertain more in a better form. That HDTV transmits the visuals in different form like 720p, 1080p and 1080i. After the year 2010, many other technologies emerge on the face of the earth and including internet TV, Smart television which increased the popularity of the television program through live streaming by Netflix, iPlayer, Roku and Amazon video.

According to an estimate in the year 2013 near about 79 percent of the household of the world population have the television set in their houses. Now in these days, television played a significant role in the distribution of news and other types of media in the whole world. Television technology is the backbone of all the video streaming technologies present in the world this time. This technology based on the radio signals which are transmitted to every part of the land for the transmission of different programs on TV. Inside television, there is a tuner which enables the television to receive the signals for running the specific program while the display device which does not have that tuner is usually called display monitor. 

History of Television

After the full form of TV now we discuss some history. This specific word Television comes from the Greek language as tele means far and vision means sight. This word is first used by a scientist in the electricity field who presented this in the Electricity conference in 1900. The interest was shown on this technology in 1907 while a theory was proposed to transmit the images and videos through telephonic lines. A machine was introduced in 1846 for the transmission of still images on the connected telephone numbers that was called facsimile transmission. First time the model of television was proposed by Georges Ringnoux and his partner A. Fournier in the Paris during the year 1909. The first television of the world was developed by a 24-year-old boy named as Philo Taylor Farnsworth in the 1927 and the inventor of the first television was lived in the house without electricity until the age of 14. Several experiments were done on mechanical television to test the different creations and productions. In 1934 all the mechanical televisions were converted into electrical televisions. Mechanical televisions were used rotating disks to transmit the images and to receive the images and those disks had holes in them. After some year’s electrical televisions were introduced which are more superior in transmitting the images with clarity and these electrical televisions used the new technology of cathode ray tubes (CRT). The first station of the television was developed in America in the late 1930s. After the development of televisions and its popularity in the world, the first remote control was introduced which was Tele zoom and it was used to zoom the picture on the television not to change the channels. The first Tele zoom was introduced in the year 1948. The first original remote control for television was introduced in the year 1955 which can turn on or off the television and also able to change the channels. First, remote control was wireless.

Benefits of TV for the Public

After the full form and some history about television now we discuss the benefits of television. There are numerous benefits for having a television set in your home, office and other places. Television is the source of news around the world, different channels of the world provide different things for the information of human around the world. Different types of channels on the television provide different entertainments for the people. Television helps to share the cultures of their nations with the other. Through television, you can teach your child’s by providing life lessons channels. Educational programs can provide you with the best education in the world. Different types of documentaries about history and other social aspects give you thinking and wisdom. Television provides the best films, music and the other entertainment facilities for the people. In short, every person who watches the television and programs on the world different channels can get the education on his home and able to know the things happen in the world.

I hope you all got the TV full form and all other necessary aspects of this information technology.

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