SDO Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of SDO ?

We are living in a technology world where everyday something new is happening and in the daily news on the internet, newspapers and TV we learn about something new. On daily news, we heard a lot of time about SDO but some people cannot understand this acronym due to the lack of knowledge but do not worry at all because this article will provide you all the information related to the full forms of SDO. This acronym is used in the different contexts and describes the different things but if we know the field then we can estimate the exact full form of SDO. I will demonstrate the different full forms of this acronym according to the fields.

what is the sdo and its full form

  • Sub Divisional officer

This full form is used in India and neighbor countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh. SDO means sub-divisional officer. It is government post for the subdivisions of a country division and it is occupied by usually electrical, civil and other engineers. This post is mostly present in the electricity department of the subdivisions. These officers are recruited on the basis of the specific examination. The duties of SDO are similar to the duties of Deputy Commissioner of the district. He is responsible for all the actions related to the department occur in the specific subdivision of the district. He is responsible for the development activities happened in his subdivision and also responsible to coordinate the activities of the different department in his subdivision. He will visit the developmental area and responsible to have a keen eye on every work of his sub division. It is considered that the SDO is independent in his area that he can take any action for the prosperity of his area. This post is occupied by those persons who have experience in the management system and also have a higher education degree related to the department.

  • Service Data Object

This Full form of SDO is mostly used in the computer and software technology. Service data objects is a kind of technology in which a non-uniform data is represented in a uniform way. This technology and specifications were first time developed in the year 2004 by two most important and giant companies Oracle and IBM. These specifications were then approved by the Java community in JSR 235. The 2.0 version of these specifications were introduced in the month of November 2005. In these days the major developers of these specifications are Siebel, Software AG, SAP, IBM, Oracle, Rogue Wave, Sybase and Xcalia from the year 2007.

  • Solar Dynamic Observatory

Solar dynamic Observatory is a mission of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to observe the activities of Sun. This mission is working from the year 2010. It was launched on February 11, 2010. This observatory mission is the part of another program of NASA that is LWS (Living with the Start).  The major focus of the LWS is to study those objects or aspects related to the Sun-earth relationship and directly affect the living being on the earth and the main goal of the earth is to understand the influence of Sun on the earth. This Observatory is now investigating that how the magnetic field is generated by the Sun and what is the structure of that magnetic field and by which process this magnetic field is transferred in the geospace and heliosphere in the specific forms like energetic particles and solar wind. This observatory mission helps NASA to understand the different influences of the Sun on the earth and ultimately how that influence affects the life on the earth.

  • Standard developing Organization

This full form is used in for describing a special organization which is responsible to develop specific standards related to some fields. The core function of these organizations is developed, revise, interpret and producing specific technical standards in the different fields and these standards are adopted by the industries and other organization for the well-being of their role in the society. Some developed standards are the optional for the adoption means that they are not included in the law of that country but some developed standards are in the mandate and law of that country and those standards are necessary for the adoption by the industries and organizations. The concept of technological industries in the world started from the two centuries back so it is the need of the industries to follow the specific standards for the availability of standards products in the market.

  • Social Dominance Orientation

This is the trait of psychology and it is the property of a person which has high command on the social issues of the society. Usually psychology describes those persons with this term who have a political attitude. These people have a high score in the SDO and want to acquire some social status in society and the number of men is more than the women in this concept. This theory of social dominance was proposed by the Jim Sidanius and Felicia Pratto. This theory explains those people who have intense social attitude and the seekers of the power.

  • Special Duty Only 

This term is used generally in the different departments of different countries. A special duty is assigned to a person in the related department to complete a specific assignment. This term is used in many departments for the special duty only. It is not concerned with any specific term.

  • System development operations

To develop a system and to run that system in an efficient way there is a need for different operations that are useful for proper working of that system. Every organization has the system development operations in their documents and these operations include maintenance, safety and many more factors. The main function of these operations is to develop a high quality and environment-friendly system.

  • Special Duty Officer

This term is usually used in the military, police and investigation agencies. A special duty officer is not permanent office besides he is selected to complete a specific assignment. In the intelligence agencies, these officers played a vital role due to their high experience in the field.

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