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In India, this term is widely used in the newspapers, TV, Internet and other sources of information. Everybody in India knows about the SDM but not everybody knows the full form of SDM. In every country, there is a trend of acronyms which are used for describing the different terms. Acronyms are used due to the ease of writing or speaking instead of full form but due to the common use of acronyms, it becomes difficult to reach full form of every acronym and to understand fully. Our mission is to provide you the maximum information about the acronyms. In this article, I will discuss the full form of SDM and its important aspects.

Full form of SDM AND what is the sdm step by step full information

The full form of SDM is Sub Divisional Magistrate. In India, SDM is the government post which is held by the head of a subdivision of the district. This post is usually the lower ranked to the district level post and in different countries, there is a different structure of these posts. This post is acquired by the professional degree holders through PCS (Provincial Civil Service) examination. In the country of India, each district of the country divided into the Tehsil which are subdivisions of the district and all subdivisions of any district are under the charge of the Sub-divisional magistrate. Sub-divisional Magistrate plays their roles under the law of Criminal Procedure code 1973. The main roles of the sub-divisional magistrate are magisterial and executive. A sub-divisional magistrate is the head of the subdivision and served as a channel between district head and Tehsildars of his subdivisions.

All the tasks related to different departments are under the sub-divisional magistrate and he is responsible for all the issues related to the under development. Usually, there are two ways to approach for the seat of a sub-divisional magistrate, a person can hold the seat by selection through UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) and second one is through the Public service commission or you can say PCS. Anyone who has graduation degree in any course in India is eligible for the test of sub-divisional magistrate and bypassing the test and interview he/she can hold the seat of sub-divisional magistrate. To get this post a person should have high ranks in the previous posting and must have well work record in the respective department. To work as an SDM there is a great challenge of management and people who have experience in the management issues can run the subdivisions with Excellency.  I am pretty sure that now you have understood the full form of SDM and its brief discussion in the above paragraph.

Responsibilities of SDM

Every government or private post comes with the great responsibilities so the sub-divisional magistrate also has a number of responsibilities according to their posts.

  • Revenue

All the work related to revenue is controlled by the sub-divisional magistrate, they kept the record of land maintenance, take part in the revenue cases across the subdivisions and also operates as custodian of the land of the public in case of any need. Sub-divisional magistrate also acts as revenue assistants and assistant collectors and responsible for the daily revenue related work in the respective subdivisions. They also have the charge to issue the different state certificates like domicile, SC/ST, Nationality, OBC. The registration of the land property, power of attorneys, share certificates and all other documents which are necessary under the Law are made by the office of sub-divisional magistrate. All these domiciles, land documents are prepared in the office of magistrate and issued to the public according to law of India.

  • Magisterial

The sub-divisional magistrate has the authority of Executive magistrates and in this charge, they are responsible for the preventive section of the Code of Criminal Procedure. They can also carry out the different inquires upon the unnatural deaths of women within the seven years of marriage and can forward the case to the Police departments for further procedures. They are also responsible to conduct the different inquires upon the deaths in Jail, police lockups and women home. The officers of this department are the key persons of the government which are responsible for conducting inquiries upon any unnatural accidents in their subdivision like fire issues and other major accidents.

Management in case of Disasters

Subdivision magistrates are responsible for helping the people by the government support when any natural disaster hits the boundary of their respective subdivisions. They have the key responsibility for the rehabilitation of the people in case of any natural or manmade disasters. They are also responsible for the awareness regarding the disasters in the people of their subdivision and also have the charge to run different campaigns in case of any warning of the disaster. They also developed the pre-measured in the public to manage the loss of the people and wealth due to the disaster.

  • Marriage

The office of sub-divisional magistrate is responsible to conduct the registration of the marriages and also keep the record for the different marriages in the respective subdivisions. They also kept the record of the divorce and play a vital role in the issues regarding marriages.

  • Registration of Vehicles

This office has the responsibility for the registration of the different vehicles in the respective subdivisions. All the vehicles are registered there and all the issues regarding vehicles are solved at this office.

  • Election

Election is the major responsibility to conduct. This office played a vital role in the conductance of the election in the respective divisions and responsible to make arrangements for the elections. All the arrangements like place of voting and hiring of different staff for the election duty are including in the responsibilities of the sub-divisional magistrate’s office.

Issue of Arm License

This department issues the arms licenses in their subdivisions and keeps the record of all licenses issued to the public.

I am damn sure that now you have clearly understood the full form of SDM and their responsibilities.

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