Population of Pakistan According to 2019 Census

Pakistan is a country, which is known for its terrorist activities. This is a Muslim country. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, and here it is mostly spoken Urdu and Punjabi language. Pakistan was formed after the partition of India in 1947, and since then the dispute over Kashmir has been ongoing in both the countries.

population of pakistan in 2018

Pakistan’s total population is 204,945,000. In terms of population, Pakistan comes sixth in the world. If gender ratio is to be talked about, there is one female on every 1.06 people, which is also a good gender ratio.

Pakistan’s total population is 2.6% of the world’s total population. When Pakistan was separated from India in 1947, its total population used to be around 4 million, and that population increased to 7 crores in 1980, and in about 200 million in 2000.

Full information about Pakistan’s population

Today, Pakistan’s population is around 200 million, if one guess, Pakistan’s population will cross 240 million by 2030, and by 2040 this figure can reach 270 million even more, and between 2050 and 55 Pakistan’s The population will cross 300 million and in 2050 the population of the whole world will also reach about 10 billion, which is now around 7.30 billion.

China is the most populous country in terms of population, with a population of about 140 crores and the second most populous country is India, whose population has crossed almost 130 crores. The third country is America, whose population is approximately 32.5 crore. In the fourth place, Indonesia comes with 26 crores population, and Brazil is at number five, whose population is about 21 crore.

If the population of Pakistan is different from the castes, then the majority of the population found here is Muslim, which is 96% of the entire population of Pakistan, and Hindus are 3%, and the rest are from the people of the Christian society. The population growth rate of Pakistan is 1.43%, and in the world population growth rate, it comes to Pakistan at number 80. In terms of population, Pakistan’s largest city is Karachi, and it has a population of 1.5 crores.

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