How much the Population of Indonesia in 2019

Indonesia, located in Asia’s continent, is known all over the world for its natural charm and its beauty. Not only this the world’s largest islands is also located here. But still the population of Indonesia is unknown from the several individuals, Let’s know What is the population of Indonesia and how many of them are Hindus ?

what is poulation of indonesia

Indonesia’s population is 26,66,96,687 in 2019, which makes this country the fourth largest country in the world in terms of population.

Percentage contribution in world –

Indonesia’s population is 3.5% of the world’s total population and the population density here is 147 sq km. Indonesia more than half the population or according to the data 54 % population lives in urban areas.

Population majority –

Indonesia is a Muslim nation and according to 2010, 87% of the country’s population was Muslim and If we talk about Indonesia’s Hindu population, then there are around 1.69% Hindus live.

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