PMS Full Form – What is the full form Pms ?

There are various full forms of PMS but in this article I will discuss some important and commonly used full forms which will give you complete information about this term. Different fields have the PMS term but in each field the meaning and full form are different so this article will demonstrate this term in all aspects. Some major and important forms are listed below with some explanation and specific aspects.

what is the full form of pms

information about full forms of PMS

  • Provincial Management system

This full form of PMS is mostly used in Pakistan country. It is the examination system based on the provincial government through which different high profile officers are recruited through this system. These officers play their role in the management of the provincial government departments and had authority on their respective departments. This system was introduced in the year 2004 and before 2004 two systems worked in the country PSS and PCS but during the year 2004 these two systems combined and named PMS. In this system, higher grade officers like above than 17 grades are being recruited every year on the merit basis by an annual examination. Students must have a graduation degree to appear in this exam and with the minimum second division. These officers manage the respective departments and responsible for any problem in the district or division.

  • Premenstrual syndrome   

Premenstrual syndrome is the full form of PMS mostly used in the medical field. It is the type of syndrome which is appeared in the women before the menstrual cycle every month. This syndrome affects the women physical condition and her emotional behavior before the menstruation. The major symptoms of this syndrome are tiredness and reduced sex desire, gentle breasts and discharge of nipple on pressing, severe kind of headache, muscles and joint pains and different mood swings like depression, irritation and stress. The complete causes of this syndrome are still unknown but some are about the hormonal changes due to the overuse of salt, caffeine and alcohol. To prevent these symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, less use of caffeine, alcohol and salty food, taking exercise daily and increase the physical activity will be effective in the patients of this syndrome. There are different medicinal drugs are also being used in the market to treat this syndrome like some antidepressant drugs sertraline and fluoxetine etc. other hormonal medicines are also being given to the patients for the treatment of this syndrome, other herbal medicine and vitamins are also available in the market to overcome this syndrome.

  • Performance Monitoring System

This full form of PMS is used in the computer technology field. This system enables a computer to analyze all the systems run in the respective program and identify the problem and responsible to solve them. overall it is a monitoring system which can monitor any system like industrial, business and computer programming system or any other, this application can be applied anywhere for monitoring. This system enables a firm manager to identify the problems in their system and helps him to make a strong decision to changes their respective systems. This system is mostly used to monitor the computer performance like its CPU, hard disk and other parts. It will give you the indication to identify the problem and also suggest some tips to solve that problem. As the technology of the computer developing day by day so this system can also be used in the artificial intelligence and help to monitor the respective computer technology because there are many types of computer viruses and other problems are raised in the previous years so it was necessary to identify these problems before the permanent damage so this monitoring system brings revolution in the technology in this regard.

  • Performance Management system

It is the full form of PMS which is mostly used in the industrial, organizational and governmental zones. As the name indicates performance management system it is the system to manage the performance of any organization, business or any other department. This system ensures an organization for the proper running of that organization. Different aspects are included in this system, for instance, effective management, recruiting of well-organized and experienced members, different processes to develop a specific product and the other similar system management. By applying this system organization get benefit from the well running and management of the departments under that organization. In some governments there are special member are recruited to run this system for the good management of the government departments under different provinces, divisions and districts. This system removes the errors in the departments and makes the performance of that department efficient.

  • Presidential Management Staff

It is another full form of PMS which is mostly used in the country Philippines. It is the management agency in the Philippines which holds the responsibility to manage the projects, development and policy-making regarding the office of the president of the country. This agency is headed by the secretary of the state and also gives the instructions about some other matters. The present supervisor or head of the presidential management staff is Ferdinand B. Cui Jr. He holds this position from October 16, 2018. This management staff was initiated during the year 1962 and after the passage of time this system gets more responsibilities and now it is a basic and responsible department of the state with great responsibilities. The main important responsibilities of this staff is to provide an accurate, on time information about different matters to the president, significant cooperation with all activities of the president, Implementation of different tasks and projects directed by the president and the efficient management of internal administration.

  • Project Management Service

It is the service given by different companies to handle a specific kind of projects. Every company has its specification regarding the projects like civil engineering projects, medical projects and other field’s projects. They charge their fees to handle these projects offered by some organizations.

  • Parallel marketing System

This system is usually used in different countries for trading. Especially trading of foreign currencies is being done in this system. Actual means of a parallel market is that a country has less control over its economy it depends upon the other country currencies.

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