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Open Defecation is the major problem for the environment but due to the advancements in the sanitation field this problem solved in many countries but there are still some areas in which the open defecation is in progress. From the stone age of human open defecation is the daily practice because defecation is the need of human beings. We heard about ODF term in many places like awareness seminars or world health organizations but usually some people are unaware of this term and cannot understand the actual meaning. In this article, I will tell you about the full form of ODF and its beneficial aspects as compared to the OD (Open defecation).

what is the full form of odf

Full form of ODF What is the odf step by step full information

The full form of ODF is Open Defecation Free. It is the term opposite to the open defecation. In ODF people used toilets for the practice of defecation and in this term, those people are involved which are shifted from open defecation to the toilets. At the beginning of a human race, there was no concept of using toilets or using proper sanitation program so the people were involved in the open defecation. Defecation the is the final stage of the digestive system of a human in which humans excrete solid or semisolid waste material from the anus. These waste materials are very harmful to the environment and due to the open defecation environment is on a full threat. In these days almost every country has the proper sanitation plans in the developed cities but still in some cities under developing countries this problem is present and causes the environment pollution there.

According to an estimate, there are 12 percent people of the world who practice open defecation in the year 2016 and 76 percent of that 12 percent people practicing open defecation from just seven countries. It means only seven countries have the larger number of people who practice open defecation. This open defecation cause environment pollution and cause mortality in the children, poor nutrition and poverty. The reason for open defecation is unavailability of the toilets and some traditional cultures. This practice is commonly available in those countries where the sanitation infrastructure is very poor or unavailable and the behavior of humans is not toward the toilets and they prefer open defecation than the use of toilets so there is a need to educate those people and turn them to the use of toilets. Due to the open defecation, the underground water of those areas is polluted and due to this pollution the number of diseases increases in those areas. This practice showed the poverty level and unawareness of those areas. In some parts of some countries toilets are not allowed in their homes due to the religious reasons and the practice of open defecation is common among those people. There are 17 goals are established by the UN in the field of sanitation and ending the open defecation is one goal from them which is named Sustainable development Goal No.6.

I have explained the Full form of ODF and I am sure you have understood the above explanation.

Countries which are not ODF Completely

There are many countries that developed their sanitation systems and changed the traditional practices but still, there are some countries which are not fully Open defecation free. The list of countries is given below.

Note: The information given below is only up to 2010

  • India is the nation which has 692 million people which are practicing open defecation and this is the only nation which includes much higher number of open defecation. The water sanitation is the major problem in India due to the higher poverty level in some parts of the country.
  • Indonesia accounts for 63 million people which are using open defecation process but now Indonesia making great efforts to reduce this number and the amount of open defecation decreases day by day.
  • Pakistan includes 40 million people which are practicing open defecation due to the unavailability of toilets and poverty level.
  • Ethiopia has 38 million people in the country which are causing environmental pollution through this process.
  • Nigeria has 34 million people which are practicing open defecation.
  • Sudan includes 19 million people and now the people are shifting from open defecation to open defecation free.
  • Nepal has 15 million people due to the unattainability of the proper sanitization.
  • China is among those countries that developed very fast in this context and remove most of the parts from open defecation but up to 2010, China has 14 million people which are practicing open defecation.
  • Niger has 12 million people which are responsible for the open defecation.
  • Burkina Faso has 9.7 million people which are involved in the open defecation.
  • Mozambique has 9.5 million people do not have proper toilets approach.
  • Cambodia has 8.6 million people which are unaware of using toilets.


India is the major country in this context which has a large number of people using open defecation but in some previous years, India made great efforts to make the country open defecation free. India started a mission named Swachh Bharat Mission and the main focus of that mission is to develop toilets in the country and make the people aware of this system. According to the Government of India, the country will get status of ODF in the year 2019 and they said that 76 percent villages of India are now open defecation free and round about 83.3 million toilets have been developed in some previous years. The director of the CSE (Centre of Science and environment) said that building of toilets is the first step toward making the India clean of pollution. According to an estimate of more than 1, 00,000 tons of human waste is produced in a day by the 720 million people and in 720 million people only 144 million people used the household toilets. Sunita Narain the director of CSE also said that the situation of sanitation in India will be different in the coming year 2019 and India will get the status of ODF.

I hope you got enough knowledge about the full form of ODF from the above article.

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