NDA Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of NDA

Hey Sharpers, I hope you all are good. So we before start we start our topic today I have a question for you actually, don’t worry it is really simple. Do you love your nation as much your country as Soldier do? Think of it. So if you want to see yourself on the borders of your country’s just to protect the people of your nation than we’re here to tell you all about the word NDA. You heard it somewhere right? In your schools when you’re deciding your future goals, in college when replacement officers give you advice about professions and on many more places. Oh common you’re going to explode your mind with this question, you don’t have to worry about it. We’re here to give all specific information about NDA. Like what is the full form of NDA, what is it really and how it works, who established it and when. So let’s step into this article more deep to find some interesting information about NDA.

what is the full form of nda

What is the full form of NDA?

NDA stands here for (N) NATIONAL (D) DEFENCE (A) ACADEMY. Stage for the students which are interested in DEFENCE services. There are so many jobs in this world and you can choose any of them according to your qualification but DEFENCE sector is the most valuable and respected profession than any other. Serving your nation can be divided in many ways in business, agriculture, etc. but serving your nation as a soldier is proud. Army is the most valuable and most important thing in a nation. Soldiers protect our nation from enemies, which is waiting outside our LOC’s to enter in our country, but we’re sleeping here without any fear in nights, doing our daily works without any interruption just because a large amount of soldiers protecting us on borders

What Is NDA ?

Now as we know that Full form of NDA is, National Defense Academy and it is located in Pune, Maharashtra, north-west of khadakwasla. It spans 7,015 acres twice of 28.39km of the 8,022 acres twice of 32.46km and this place was donated by Government of former Bombay state. Site for this have so many availabilities like lake shore, the suitability of neighboring hilly terrain, an air base at Lohegaon, proximity to the Arabian Sea, and also the salubrious climate. Administrative headquarters of the building is named as the Sudan Block. By a written exam applicants are conducted by UPSC, and extensive interviews is followed by the SSB covering general aptitude, team skills, psychological testing, physical skills and social skills. About 4,50,000 sit for each written exam for in NDA and only 6,300 of these invited for the interview. Unmarried male candidates are eligible for this and NA Examination. The minimum age of a candidate should be 16 years and maximum age should be 19 and half years. Applicants for Air Force also go through a Pilot Aptitude Test Battery. Only 320 students selected to the Academy each year. 70 cadets accepted for Air Force, 42 for the Navy and 208 for the Army. Cadets who complete their tasks successfully send to their training bases for one-year training before granting commission. Army cadets go to Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun, Air Force Academy (AFA), Dundigal, Hyderabad, and naval cadets go to Indian Naval Academy (INA), Ezhimala, Kerala. NDA offers a full time, residential undergraduate programme. Baccalaureate degree is the award for the cadets after three years of study of Bachelor of Arts or a bachelor of science. Cadets are able to choose one stream from two. The Science stream offers studies in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science and the Liberal of Arts (Humanities) offers   studies in Economics, Political Science, Geography and Languages. The Foundation Course mandatory and comprises Military Studies and General Studies. Subjects such as Military Study, Military Geography, Weapons System and Armaments, etc. are covered in Military Studies. Subjects like Geopolitics, Human Rights, Human Rights, Laws of Armed Conflict and Environmental Sciences are covered in General Studies. In the Compulsory Course cadets of its study English, Foreign Languages (Arabic, Chinese, French or Russian), Physics, Chemistry, BioSciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, History, Political Science, Geography. Cadets must take basic classes for all these subjects except Foreign Languages. Advanced classes for cadets according to their stream.  The Optional Course in the National Defense Academy focuses on subjects specific to the cadet’s chosen service. Academies rules and regulations are very strict because it is place of discipline, honor and loyalty. You can also find a documentary film on its operations and inside look of NDA which was written by Dipti Bhalla and Kunal Verma and there is another documentary film named as the My Flag – My Life, written by Ambarnath Sinha and directed by Nandan Khuhyadi and helped by Sanjay Dabke. If you are a cadet of this academy then no wonder if you’re having discipline, personality and well behavior types of habits.

Importance of NDA Full form

NDA is a platform where you can prove yourself with your skills and education. They judge the cadets by their interests, skills, and also by their physical experience. An entrance exam decides that how many students are able to give interview and then after interview few of them left who was successful to pass the NDA or NA Examination and interview. But it gives students a huge chance of employment. With full care and protection best army officers train you for the best in the NDA. They trained cadets for that every situation of war which will happen anytime during war field. From dress code to rifles they teach you every single thing about discipline and punctuality, they’ll make you indestructible and unbeatable to face the problems of war. But you have to remember one thing ‘Patience’ is a key to success. You have to follow their orders when they said you to sleep, sleep. When they said you to get up, get up. This is what NDA is really for it’s for making more and more warriors.

Some more information about NDA Fullform

NDA eligibility criteria is set by UPSC. And the cadets from India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibetan refugee who came to India prior to January 1/1962 with the attention of permanently settling in India, a PIO (Person of Indian Origin) who has come back from Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, the United Public of Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Zaire and Ethiopia or Vietnam with the intention to get settle in India these all can apply for NDA and can sit in the UPSC exam. And the most important thing in NDA training they don’t allow you to use your cell phones or smartphones just for better concentration on the training. As a NDA cadet you won’t get salary while at NDA. When they Passout and go to their respective academies they get stipend of 21,000/- per month. If you want to pass the written exam of the UPSC you must know the Mathematics even if you don’t want to but it’s the condition of the UPSC if cadet want to enter in the NDA they must pass the Mathematics exam also. Hope structure of NDA is pretty clear to all you guys but if still have questions and your valuable suggestions which is really help us, please comment down in the comment box and let us know about it so that we can improve and do more efforts to make our articles best.

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