ML Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of ML ?

We found this term many times in our books, internet and many information providing services. On different platforms the meaning and full form of ML is different. There are many full forms of ML are used in the different platforms like in computer technology it means different, in mathematics calculations it means different. ML term has many descriptions. Most of us don’t know about this term and what is the actual meaning of this term. We see this term in our daily life and ignored it because we don’t know the full form of it. So in this article, I will tell you all important ML descriptions which are used in the different fields.

what is the full form of ml

Information about Full Forms of ML

  • Machine Language

Machine language is a special kind of codes that are written in a specific pattern.  The collection of these codes is provided to computers to read and interpret. This language is only understandable by the computers. Different programs or you can say software is written in different languages like C++, visual basics and Java. A computer is unable to understand the language directly so programmers compiled the language in specific codes which are easily interpreted by the computers for running specific software. For different software different codes are used by the programmers. The machine language for a specific software or program can differ according to the operating system of the computer. For different operating systems different coding are used in the computer industry.

  • Meta Language

Metalanguage is the language or a combination of terms which are used to analyze the other language. It is the most effective way of describing any difficult language. This language is usually used to make specific statements or sentences about the sentences in the other language. In the Metalanguage the expressions are used to describe the statements like quotation mark, italics etc. the pattern of different sentences in the Metalanguage can be demonstrated by the metasyntax.

  • Marriage License

Marriage license is a document which is the proof of marriage between male and female. The terms and conditions for marrying are different in different countries. This document of the marriage is issued by the government or church in some countries while in other countries there are other organizations that provide this marriage certificate to the couples. Without this document, you cannot prove yourself as a husband and wife. This document contains the signatures of both candidates for the marriage. In some countries, marriage licenses are not necessary and a simple marriage certificate is given to the couple to show their identity as a husband and wife.


  • Martial Law

Martial law is the control of military on the local government of that country. If the military holds the government and all other issues of a specific country then we will count it as a martial law. Usually, martial law is imposed on the country due to an emergency situation or during a major disaster. The whole local government will step down if military wants to impose the martial law. There are different rules and laws for martial law in the different countries of the world. Generally, the imposition of this law results in curfews, application of military justice to the civilians and suspension of civil laws.

  • Multi language

If a software or website can be used in different languages then we call it multi-language software or website. It is the technique to enable an application to describes itself in many languages. In these days many applications and software have the facility of multi-language and they are easy to use because in most countries people used different languages and it is necessary to make every application or website in the multi-language form. For example, if a person can speak more than one language than we also call him the multi-language person. Multi-language term is a general term which can use for those which are able to describe it in the different languages.

  • Markup Language

ML as a full form used in the computer field. Markup language is that language which is used in the computer languages although it is a computer language it is readable by the humans also because it contains some special tags to describe the elements in a specific file or document. These languages contain specific words in a specific pattern which are easily readable by humans they not contain some coding which can be interpreting by computers only. Mostly used markup languages in today’s computer systems are XML and HTML. XML is used to store the data in a specific file while HTML is used to display that data in on the screen.

  • Management Level

Here is another full form of ML. To hold up and run the organization there is the need of management. A good management can run an organization in a better way than the poor management. In the management mostly three levels are present, upper management, middle management and lower management. In the upper management, high profile persons are included like CEOs, directors and boards. In the middle management, there are medium level person are included like territory managers, branch managers, section managers or regional managers while in the lower level of management those people include which gave the directions to the labor such as supervisors and often team leaders. Most of the major companies hold these three levels of management and that is the formula of the excellent management in any organization or company.

  • Milliliters

It is a unit which is used in the small-scale measurements of the water. Thousand milliliters are equal to the one liter of water. This unit is mostly used in the laboratories where a very small amount of water is required in the different kinds of experiments and that small quantity is necessary to be accurate. Basically, it is the very small unit of water measurement. There are many glassware’s are present in the market of every country by which you can easily measure that small quantity of water.

I hope you have understood the all full forms of ML and their brief description also.

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