MDS Full Form – What is the Full Form of MDS ?

The medical field is playing an integral role in our lives and due to the advanced technology and understanding, this field is able to solve the most complex medical conditions of the human body. There are many universities and colleges present in the world which are playing their best roles for the advantage of the human being. Due to the progress of the medical field, we are free from many diseases which were lethal in the previous centuries for a human. MDS is the medical degree related to the dental conditions. Every field of medical has its own specialties. MDS full form is common among the students of medical who wants to decide the future of their medical field. This article will help the students to know about the MSD full form and all the remaining important information about this postgraduate degree.

MDS Full Form- Master of Dental Surgery

MSD full form is Master of Dental Surgery. It is a postgraduate degree for the dentistry in the medical field. Dentistry is a branch of medicine, which deals with the development of teeth and their diseases. The professionals in this field treat the teeth diseases in patients who have problems related to the dentistry. This field deals with the anatomy of the teeth and all the problem of teeth falls in this category of medical. It is a postgraduate degree in the medical field with the period of generally three years while the students who passed the postgraduate diploma course in the which is recognized by the DCI will complete MDS in two years.

In the medical field professionals done their postgraduate degrees in the different specialties like cardio, ENT, Neuro and many others similarly MDS is a dentistry field and students of medical got specialization in this field. There is maximum time for completing this course which depends upon the institution, in India, there are many universities and colleges which offered this course and the maximum time for completing the course is different. Maximum time means if students fail in the earlier year then he can continue the course in the next years and there is maximum time after which student cannot continue the study and he/she has to dismiss from the college. In Tamil Nadu, Dr. M.G.R University provides a maximum time of completion is six years similarly every university of the different state has a different time duration of completion and maximum time. The MDS full form is commonly used in India especially in the medical students who want to get admissions in this postgraduate degree after their graduate degrees such as BDS or MBBS.

This course provides the growth of students in the research skills, critical analysis, and advanced clinical skills and many more other things which helps the students to make them professionals in the field. There is a council in India named DCI (Dental Council of India) which regulate all the courses which are being provided in all states of India and the rules and regulations published by this council are followed by the all the colleges and universities of dentistry. MDS full form tells us the clear definition of this course that dentistry is the major concept which is being dealt with in the period of three years in India. There are several institutions present in India which are involved in the field of medical and students got passed and enter into the professional life every year. Generally, the course duration is three year and these three years are career oriented in the life of students as students get many skills from the period of these three years.

Eligibility Criteria for MDS

There are many things which are required to get admission in the course. MDS full form is master of dental surgery so it is clear that bachelor degree is required for the master degree. Some other requirements are described below.

  • A candidate should have the BDS degree or MBBS degree to get admission in the postgraduate course.
  • A person who wants to get admission in this course should have the physical fitness certificate and also have not any contagious disease which can be harmful to others during the course. Students must be physically and mentally fit for the study.
  • Students who have the nationality other than India and they want to get admission in the college of India for this course then/she should have registered with the DCI.
  • The age limit for getting admission in this course is 21 year and the admission of the students is being done on the merit system. AICET (All Indian Common Entrance Test) is being held in many dental colleges and universities for the students and the merit is based mainly on this test. AICET is conducted by the different agencies of India and these agencies are selected by the University Grant Commission (UGC) New Delhi.
  • The minimum qualification is bachelor degree in a dentist or an equivalent degree recognized by the DCI. Students who have not the recognized degree from DCI must approve their degree from DCI before applying to the course.

All the above requirements are must for getting admission in this course. After the explanation of MDS full form and eligibility criteria now we move towards some other information about this course.

Syllabus of MDS

Syllabus of this course, MDS full form (Masters of Dental surgery) includes the major subjects of dentistry. Every year the course content is changed. In the first year, students have the subjects of study like Applied basic sciences, Minor Oral surgery and Trauma. Similarly, in the second and third year, the syllabus of the study is different and students got new books and subjects to get professional skills.

Employment Opportunity

The person who got the degree of this course has many opportunities in the medical field for employment. In India, there are very fewer doctors and professionals so the people can easily get employment. They can get employment in the research institutes, dental colleges, hospitals, military services and they can also establish their own private clinic for the patients of dentistry. Now you got all the information regarding the MDS full form, if you have any question or query please tell us in the comments.

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