MD Full Form – what is the full form of MD

Abbreviations are being used everywhere, in newspapers, social media and other sources of information similarly the use of MD is also common on such platforms of information. Many people got confused with this term because there are two major MD full forms. Sometimes this term used in the business organizations and sometimes this term is used in the medical field. There are two separate MD full forms are being used, one in the medical field and other in the business organization. In this article I will discuss both MD full forms and explain all the important aspects in both contexts.

MD full form – Doctor of Medicine

Doctor of medicine is the major MD full form which is being used commonly in the medical field. It is a medical degree which has the different meanings regarding the different jurisdictions. In the Canada, United States and some other countries this degree provided to the fresh graduate students from the medical colleges and schools while in the Ireland, United Kingdom and some other countries it is the doctoral degree and provided to those students who already have the graduate degree in the medical field and it is specialization degree in the field of medicine. In such countries the bachelor degree is denoted as MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery). There are different concepts are present in the context of this degree in the different corners of the world but the field is the same everywhere.

The term MD was taken from the Latin word which is “Medicinae Doctor” has the meaning of Teacher of Medicine. In most of the countries it is considered as the highest ranked degree in the medicine field because it is earned after the graduation in medical and this degree give expertise to the person in the field of surgery and medicine.The holders of MBBS can get admission in this degree and can earn the specialization in their field. You can see the MD full form in the hospitals where senior physicians are present at the outside of their door. In the countries like Canada and USA this degree is one of the two doctoral degrees provided by the most of the colleges and schools of the medicine. There is different time periods are available for the completion of this degree in the different countries and you can choose any of them. Medical field is the most demanding field in the world as medical professionals are required everywhere so after completion of this degree one can easily get the job whether in the public or in the private sector. These professionals can also establish their own clinic to see the patients.

There are a lot of opportunities available for such professionals in all parts of the world. Usually it is a postgraduate degree except some places of the world. In the Asian countries doctors are most respectable persons and usually with the greater status in the society. They have the strong financial condition as compared to the other degree holders. Doctor of medicine as the MD full form is usually used in the Asian countries and regarded as the highest professional in the field of surgery and medicine.

The need of medical professionals is increasing day by day due to the increase in the number of diseases and health injuries so many people got admission in the bachelor degrees of medicine in the world and a lot of students earn their bachelor degrees in the medical field every year. After the bachelor degree they got admission in the postgraduate degrees and doctoral degrees also to specialize themselves in the field of medicine and surgery.

MD full form- Managing Director

Managing director is another major MD full form used in the world. Mostly this MD full form used in the business organizations of the world as Managing director is the most senior officer in any business organization. There are several responsibilities are associated with this rank officer. In a company there is a managing director and he is responsible for the all daily operations which are being done in the company or organization. He/she is the link between the workers or employees of the company and board of the directors of the company. All the issues faced by the workers are reported to the Managing director and then managing director is responsible to report these issues to the board of directors of the company. In these days every major company or organization has a managing director who is the top manager among all the minor managers of the company. The role of managing director in the company is very important and without the managing director a major company cannot run in the proper or profitable way. The loss and profits of the company are totally depends upon the managing director.

Duties of MD (Managing Director)

There are many duties are associated with the managing director of the company. Some major and important duties are described below.

  • A managing director control and direct the resources and works of the company, he is responsible for the recruitment of the staff or employees which can be helpful for the progress of the company. He recruits the well trained and motivated professionals in the company so that they can improve the overall structure of the company.
  • He is responsible to make a plan for annual business and also monitor the plan against the progress of the company in that specific year. He also ensures the attainment of the objectives of the company every year.
  • A managing director provides the best and strategic advice to the board members in a company and keeps them aware of the profit and loss ratio every year.
  • He also attached with the major customers of the company, government and private bodies for the ultimate attainment of the goal provided by the company.
  • He also directed to establish the development and research programs so that company can remain on the top position in the market.\
  • Implementation and formation of policies is also controlled by the managing director of the company.

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