What is the Full Form of MBBS – MBBS Stands For ?

MBBS is a bachelor degree in two fields as bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery. There are many institutions present in the world which are providing this degree to the students. Field of medicine and surgery are the most influential fields in the world because they are directly connected with the body of human and human body is the first priority in an aspect of every person. MBBS full form is not commonly known by the people except the medical professionals and the abbreviation is popular among the people of the world. There is high importance of this degree among the people because the person who has the degree can diagnose the disease of a body in human. In the previous centuries this field has not much progressive but in these days the medical field has progressive aspects and has the ability to treat many lethal diseases. MBBS full form is not very common among the people and in this article, I will describe all the related material to the MBBS full form and also the important information about this degree.

M.B.B.S. Full Form – Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Full Form of M.B.B.S. is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. It is the bachelor degree offered by many institutions composed of two basic fields of medicine as medicine and surgery. Those colleges and universities who followed the tradition of United Kingdom (UK) offered this degree as MBBS or MBBS full form. The nomenclature of the history regarding the degree system suggested that these are two separate degrees but in the present era they are congested with each other and declared as a one bachelor degree. Those countries that follow the tradition of United States degree system declare this degree as MD (Doctor of Medicine) or DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine).

The name and abbreviation of this degree depend upon the university, college or country. There are different names and abbreviation are present for a similar degree in the different countries and institutions. Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding the name of the degree. To get admission in this degree students must have the intermediate or A-levels qualification otherwise they are unable to get admission. The duration of this degree is also differing from the country to country and universities. Some universities provide this degree on the completion of five years while some provide on the completion of four years. As MBBS full form described that it is a two-way degree in which medicine and surgery are involved so all the institutions of the world teach these two degrees by the syllabus content and experiments also. All the medical colleges in India are recognized by the single body of medicine known as Medical Council of India. The name of the degree is referred to as MBBS in India.

In India admission in this degree is very difficult because there is high competition among the government medical colleges and to get admission you must have higher marks in the previous degrees and you have to pass the entrance test with a distinction, then you become able to get admission in the medical colleges. In India during the first year of the degree students cover the basic subjects such as anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, forensic and pathology and then students also attend the patient wards to get experience in the practical sessions. The curriculum of the medical degree contains many subjects related to the field and also contains much practical knowledge so that students can perform well in professional life. The minimum passing percentage of marks in every subject is 50% and if students cannot get this percentage in a subject then they have to cover this subject in the supplementary examination or in the next year.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS

The eligibility criteria for this joint degree as mention by the MBBS full form (Bachelor of Medicine and bachelor of surgery) is minimum qualification up to 12th standard with the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, and English. Students must have 50% marks in all the previous degrees if he/she wants to get admission in the medical college in India. Every country has its different qualification and admission criteria for this degree but the basic concept is similar. Admission in India is based on the prepared merit and students who fall in the merit list can get admission in the respective medical colleges. In India there is also an entrance test conducted by the government agencies for the admission in medical colleges and admission is highly depends upon the marks percentage of that entrance test. There is a specific age is also described by the medical council of India as eligibility criteria. Every country has the different eligibility criteria for the admission in medical college and different duration of the degree.

Next to MBBS

The demand for medical professionals is increasing day by day because the number of diseases and ailments increases in human due to the environmental factors and so many other things. So MBBS full form is a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery, with this title you can achieve many things as it is the most demanded title in the world. After this degree, you get admission in the next postgraduate degree and you can make yourself as professional in one field of medicine as professionals have greater opportunities in all around the world. If you are not interested in the further studies then you get a high paid job in the government sector of your country and along with the government sector you can work in the private sector also. You can open your clinic where you can check the patients and grow yourself as a medical professional. Most of the medical students choose the option of postgraduate because after post-graduation you can become a master in one field and your future will be brighter. In India, there is high demand for medical professionals because India has the second largest population of the world so for the student of India it is best to work in India after graduation.

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