which is India’s largest railway station

Indian Railways is such services, which has very easy access to every person in India. Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. The length of which is approximately 1,21,000 kilometers. In terms of length, India is number one after world in America, Russia and China. About 13,000 passenger trains run daily in India. That is a very big figure. About 50% of India’s railway track is electric, and about 34% of them are double line. Indian Railways operates the Railways of Ministry. Indian Railways takes care of the citizens of every section of the country, and there is a different system for each category. You can also travel at least on the ticket, and you can also travel with more and more features in the ticket.

which is india largest station

Largest railway station in India !!

India’s largest railway station is located in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. The length of which is approximately 4483 feet. Comes to the second number, Kollam junction which is located in Kerala. The length of Kollam Junction is approximately 3873 feet. The third largest railway station in terms of length is the Kharagpur railway station which is located in West Bengal. Its length is approximately 3519 feet. There is also the headquarter of Gorakhpur railway station, North East Railway zone. Gorakhpur railway station is the largest railway station in India, as well as the world largest station. The name of the Gorakhpur railway station has also been included in the book of Limca Book of World Record. Its length is really very much, which makes it the most different railway station. If we talk about the number of a platform, then the railway station with the highest platform, Howrah railway station. In which there are about 23 platforms.

India’s Top Ten Railway Station

1. Gorakhpur railway station :

Gorakhpur railway station is the longest railway station in the world. And this is why it comes on number one. It is also special because its name is also included in the world record. It highlights the name of Indian Railways in the whole world.

2. Howrah railway station :

Howrah railway station is the most platform station in India. Which is also considered as the busiest railway station. About 1 million people travel here every day, which makes it a very special railway station.

3. New Delhi station :

New Delhi station is also in the third place in our list, because almost 350 trains come and go daily on this station. This is really a big figure, that is why the New Delhi station is considered to be a hub of trains.

4. Kanpur railway station :

Kanpur railway station is also considered as the most running railway station of India, with around 280 trains coming daily. And it is also one of the 5 Central Railway Station of India.

5. Patna junction :

Patna junction comes at number 5 because it is connected to almost every station of India. This unique feature makes it different from all the railway stations.

6. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai:

This railway station is considered to be the most beautiful railway station of India, it was built in 1887, which was built by the British. Then it was known as the Victoria Terminus. Then in 1996, it was renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.

7. Itarsi Junction:

 Itarsi junction is considered to be the busiest junction of Madhya Pradesh. There are more than 300 trains stopped every day, and here is the 8 platform.

8. Dudhsagar railway station:

This station is located in Goa. In natural beauty, this is the best railway station in India. There are several doodh falls on one side of this railway station. It captures the mind of all audiences.

9. Charbagh railway station:

Charbagh railway station is located in Lucknow. It is a very beautiful railway station in terms of beauty. It was named Charbagh because there were four Gardens here. Its beauty really is very amazing.

10. Visakhapatnam Railway Station:

This railway station is located in Andhra Pradesh. It is considered the cleanest railway station of India. The cleaning of here is really worth watching.

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