Hindu Population in Pakistan in 2019

Hinduism is the second largest religion of Pakistan. Hindus are the largest minority group in Pakistan. Their numerical strength is higher than the collective number of all other minorities. However, they do not possess equal political and social rights in Pakistan. The constitution of Pakistan is biased towards the majority Muslims and gives more power to them in all spheres of public life. For example, a Hindu can neither become the President nor the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Due to religious and social persecution, the condition of Hindus and other religious minorities is pathetic in Pakistan. This unfair treatment causes migration of Hindu families to India. We all know that Pakistan is not a secular country.

Hindu Population in Pakistan

Hindus constitute about 1.6% of the total population in Pakistan. They are estimated to be 3.6 million (36 lakh) in 2018. Hindus are generally concentrated in the Sindh province (96 per cent of the total Hindu population in Pakistan lives in rural Sindh) where they have a good strength.

But according to the 2017 Census, Pakistan had 1.60% of the population as Hindus which equals 3324393 approx.

After independence, in 1947 the Hindus in Pakistan stood at 24% while in 1951 the total Hindu population in Pakistan was 12.9%. This shows a negative growth trend for the Hindu population.

According to Pew research, the Hindu population will reach 3% of Pakistan’s population by 2050.

Hindu voters in Pakistan

The total number of Hindu voters in Pakistan stands at 1.77 million (2018). Mahesh Kumar Malani of the PPP has become the first Hindu (& non-Muslim) to win a general (non-reserved) seat in the Pakistan National Assembly.

With a little thought, you will normally be able to understand their case.

Why Pakistani Hindus Migrate to India?

You may have heard that the Hindus in Pakistan are not treated equally with Muslims.  The Hindu migrants fled their homes in Pakistan to take shelter in India. They say that they fled their homes to escape discrimination and religious persecution. There are cases of forced conversions, rapes of Hindu girls, and religious subjugation. These force them to flee their homes in Pakistan.

Hindu students in Pakistan are made to read Quran in schools but there are no such provisions for the Hindu scriptures.

This discrimination has resulted in negligible Hindu presence in the higher echelons of the administration, bureaucracy and armed forces of Pakistan. They have a very limited employment prospect and are generally confined to menial labour and other odd jobs. Even the system of bonded labour is prevalent. They have been denied fundamental human rights due to state-sponsored discrimination and repression.

However, you would be amused to know that the politicians and officials from Pakistan always try to compare the plight of Muslims in India. But they never allow media freedom for the fear that they will have to answer some uneasy questions. Pakistan, being a Muslim country has failed to protect the fundamental rights of minorities like the Hindus. The only Hindu temple of Lahore was demolished to make way for a commercial building. There are hundreds of such cases.

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