EMT Stands for – What is The Full Form of EMT

EMT full form can be seen in many places mostly in the medical field. The most important thing for everyone is healthy and the issues related to the health have the preference to be solved than other issues of life. A medical emergency is a most critical emergency and a person with the critical condition requires quick service. EMT full form is commonly regarded as an emergency medical technician. You have commonly faced the problems of medical and some face the emergency situations like in accidents so the emergency technicians provide on spot treatment than they admit the patients into the hospital. EMT full form is directly linked with the ambulance as when we see the ambulance the first word comes to our mind is emergency. This article is all about these emergency technicians and I will explain all the important aspects of this term.

EMT Full Form- Emergency Medical Technician

EMT full form is Emergency Medical Technician. In some parts of the world, there are other names associated with this condition such as ambulance technician and paramedics but all the names have a similar concept and functioning. These are the persons which are trained for the emergency situations. They are clinicians and trained to respond rapidly in the form of an emergency situation regarding injuries especially traumatic injuries, medical issues, and accident scenes. These emergency technicians are commonly working in the ambulances but this you cannot confuse this term with ambulance drivers or other attendants of the ambulance who were not trained to respond in the medical emergency.
EMT full form as emergency medical technician these technicians are usually present in the government ambulances, private ambulances, hospitals of every sector and they are also present in the fire department vehicles, police vehicles. Some police officers also got this special training so that they can respond in the emergency situation to save the people. These technicians are usually supervised by senior physicians and they have only a limited role. When an accident happens on a road after few minutes ambulance reaches the spot of an accident and these technicians provide the first aid then transfer the patient into hospitals. These technicians have a minor role but the most important role in the emergency situation. In the different parts of the world the system of these technicians are different such as in some places these are the paid employees of the government or private sector but mostly in the rural areas of the under developing countries they are the volunteers.

The work of these persons has described the EMT full form as emergency medical technicians, in some different countries the method of working of such personals is different but in every place the purpose of working is similar. They provide quick service to the affected persons and provide them with the ultimately available facilities to save the lives of the people. They can be in ambulances, firefighters vehicles or in some police vehicles. In some countries, there is a specific training session before deploying to the service for these persons. There is a variety of roles which are playing by these emergency technicians as they reach to the natural disaster places, accidents, fireplaces, criminal activity places and in some other situations. There are two names are famous in the world for such persons one is the medical emergency technicians and other is the paramedics. The function of both forces is similar and both wear the proper uniform in order to respond in the emergency situations but there are some differences in these two forces as the paramedics have the higher skills of dealing with the emergency than the EMTs.

Difference between Paramedic and EMT

EMT full form is Emergency Medical Technician and the term paramedic is also used in some countries in a similar context but here we discuss some differences between these two terms. There are several differences between these two terms but the concept of the service is similar. Some differences are given below.
Paramedics have the advanced skills than the EMTs in providing care for emergency situations. They are more aware of the medications and have specific education in the topics of physiology, anatomy, medical procedures and cardiology. They have also some extra skills such as administration of medicines, airway management for patients and support the patients in the critical conditions. The education programs based on the paramedics have the duration of 6 to 12 months.


In comparison to the paramedics, EMTs have less advanced skills to manage the emergency situations. The course or program which based on the EMTs has the duration of 120 to 150 hours while paramedics have the 1200 to 1800 hours duration which is far more than the EMT. Emergency technicians are specialized in some skills such as oxygen giving to the emergency patients, administration of glucose for the diabetes patients or can manage the situation for asthma attacks and some allergy reactions. An emergency is not allowed to treat the patient with needles as you can say that these technicians cannot break the skin of a patient with the injection or something else.

Eligibility Criteria to become EMT

In this regard, every country has its own rules and regulation upon which people get the admission in such courses. In some countries, there are strict rules while in some countries anyone can become the EMT and can serve the nation. If you are in America and want to become an EMT or a paramedic then following are the steps you should meet.
• First of all, you have to meet with all the eligibility requirements which are required by the different colleges or schools. Every college and school has different criteria so we cannot specify the eligibility criteria of schools.
• You have to attend the program and must have completed the courses with the passing marks.
• You have to take the test of NREMT (National Registry Emergency Medical Technicians).
• After passing the test you have to apply for the certification which will be certified to you in order to become the emergency medical technician as the EMT full form.

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