What is the Full Form of DNB- DNB Stands for?

Specialization after MBBS is the first priority of every medical student because specialization provides a wide opportunity to grow you as an expert medical professional. In India, this trend of specialization is widely followed by many students after the degree of graduation. DNB is a specialization course which is conducted by the Indian establishments specified for this category.  DNB full form is widely used in India because it is a single source of governmental specialization in any medical field. Many students who are in their graduation degree wants to know about DNB full form because they want to decide the future aspects of their life. In order to provide each and every important thing about DNB full form, I am writing this article.

DNB Full Form-Diplomat National Board

DNB full form is Diplomat National Board. It is a postgraduate level program with three years duration and eligible for those students who have an MBBS and equivalent degree. In another sense, it is a title given to the postgraduate degrees and also to the post-doctoral degrees which are offered in the different disciplines of the medical field. DNB full form is not for any single course or single subject course but it is a course which includes several courses with respect to different medical fields. There are two categories are present in this course as one is Broad specialties and other is Super Specialties. In the broad specialties, the age limit of a person for getting admission is up to 50 years and the duration of course and training is three years.

During the training sessions, the selected candidates perform many different duties such as clinical work, maintenance of records and also responsible to perform emergency duties in the hospitals. Their postings are held in rotation at various places in the hospitals and they also have to attend the different seminars, meetings, and presentation of cases. In this period of three years their work, skills and knowledge evaluated and on the base of this evaluation they got the passed in the course. The monthly stipend is also given to the candidates of the DNB in order to maintain their expenses at the place of working and duty. There are 149 colleges are present which are recognized for this purpose and more 325 affiliations are also present which impart the course of DNB in order to provide the courses in broad and super specialties. Diplomat of national board is conducted by the autonomous body named NBE (National Board of Examination). This NBE is an autonomous body and directly linked with the central government of India.

National Board of Examination was formed in the year 1975 in order to improve the medical education by the formation of a high standard and uniform examination system for the postgraduate courses in the medical field. The medical council of India has made some standards for the examinations of the postgraduate conducted by the different universities and colleges of India which are affiliated with the NBE. The qualification in the diplomat of national board is at par with the other postgraduate and doctoral degrees provided by the government universities and the successful candidates are appointed in the different departments of the government. DNB is considered to be equal to the MS/MD and most of the population did not know about this course because it is new as compared to the MS/MD. Most of the students who cannot get any seat any MS/MD moved to toward this course to get an equal qualification for their future aspects. That’s why the DNB full form is still unknown by many medical students in India.

Eligibility for DNB

The eligibility criteria for getting enrollment in the DNB course depend upon the specialties in which a candidate wants to get admission. For the broad specialty, a candidate should have the MBBS equivalent degree, completion of one year of internship and also have passed the CET (Centralized Entrance Test). A candidate should clear the entrance test for getting the registration in the broad specialty. The registration will be done on the base of the performance of the candidates in the entrance test and merit will be formed according to the performance of overall candidates. The candidates who have declared as passed should enroll themselves online for the participation in centralized counseling for the admission of DNB courses. Candidates can select the seats from the allotted seats according to the merit and they can work there for getting training. Candidates select the subjects according to the merit. Candidate can appear in the different subjects counseling for which they have filled the application form and if a student wants to get another subject in which a vacancy is available then he/she can transfer to the other subject counseling. A fee structure is also available for each subject counseling. After some important discussion on the DNB full form now I will discuss some syllabus available in DNB.

Syllabus in DNB

Syllabus of Diplomat of the national board depends upon the specialization in which student wants to get counseling or training. The basic concept of the syllabus is similar in all the courses. This diplomat of the national board provides new topics and new methods of training in every course and has a strong and uniform curriculum. In every course, candidates learn about the number of skills, provided with textbooks, journals and many other things which are helpful for the candidates to develop the utmost skills in a selected specialization.

Thesis Writing

In every specialization, candidates have to write a thesis and this thesis includes several things about the subject of the study and his acquired knowledge during the course. As described by the DNB full form that a person is a diplomat of a national board so in order to make diplomat a candidate should have scientific writing knowledge which is acquired by the thesis writing. The thesis includes 6 to 7 things such as Title, Introduction, Objectives, Review of literature, Materials, and methods, observations and discussions. The length of a thesis must be near about one hundred pages.

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