What is the Full Form of DFM – DFM Stands for

In medical field there are many sub fields which are available for the bachelors of medicine and those sub fields provides the specialty to the students for example after the bachelor students acquired a postgraduate degree in cardiology, ENT, gynecology and many more similarly there is a DFM which is acquired by many students around the globe. It is a specialty in family medicine which deals directly with the individuals of the family. DFM full form is diploma in family medicine and this diploma is available in many countries of the world around the globe. Our main point here is to discuss the DFM full form and we will also see the other DFM full forms which are used in the world besides the diploma in family medicine. As you all know that one abbreviation holds several full forms and these all are used in the different fields in the world.

DFM Full Form- Diploma in Family Medicine

One major DFM full form is Diploma in Family Medicine. As you all know the importance of medicine in our lives, without the availability of proper medicine and prescription our lives will be no more due to the increasing number of diseases every day. Medical professionals deliver an excellent effort in this regard and they make us to get rid of our diseases through the usage of medicine. Family medicine is the specialty in the field of medicine like others which deals with the ultimate care of individuals of the families and also linked with the behavior, biomedical and social sciences. It is an academic discipline and includes research, education and health care services. First time this specialty in the field of medicine during the year 1969 and now it becomes popular among many countries as DFM full form.

According to some American family physicians it is a medical specialty which delivers comprehensive health care for the members of the family. This specialty includes all the sexes, ages, each organ of the body and also the any disease entity. In the increasing demand of the family physicians they are directed to provide the each and everything regarding the health of the family members from juniors to the seniors. A family physician also addresses the social behavior and health care systems of the community. Now the world knows the importance of the family doctors and they include the family physicians in the health care systems which are developed on the state level or country level. There are many universities and colleges present in the world which are offering this degree and their criterion to get admission is the bachelor degree in the medicine. The duration of this course is two year and it depends upon the country and the university but the course contents are similar to one another.

There are some rules and regulations also defined by the WHO for these physicians which are needed to be strictly followed. The use of DFM full form is common among the medical students and professionals because it becomes a popular diploma or course of the medical field around the world. People who done their bachelors can acquire this course and get a certification for the general practice. Family doctors play a significant role in our lives as they take care of us and provide ultimate facilities so that we can live a normal life and enjoy the every moment of time. If you are living in the developed countries then you must have a family doctor although this concept is not present in some under develop countries but in the develop countries every family has its own physician.

Eligibility Criteria

The DFM full form is Diploma in Family medicine and to get admission in this diploma one should have the degree of MBBS (Bachelor of medicine and bachelor of Surgery). If someone has no medicinal bachelor degree than he/she cannot get admission in this diploma because in any place in the world this is must to have the MBBS degree. MBBS degree with 50 percent marks from the recognized university of any country can get admission in this diploma to become a family physician otherwise he could not get admission.

Course Suitability of DFM

The course of DFM is not suitable for anyone. This course is suitable for those people who have the enough knowledge to treat the common illnesses present in human beings and also have the excellent knowledge to recognize the rare diseases among humans. Those who are interested in the research and new technology of medical can also choose this course for the further study. The person who is taking this course should have courage and knowledge to handle the emergency situations and he can also carry out the new researches. This course is suitable for those people who have the enough knowledge for teaching the medical undergraduates.

Benefits of DFM

DFM full form explains that it is a diploma in family medicine and in this world family is the most important things. There are many benefits for acquiring this diploma as a specialty in the medical field; some of those benefits are given below.

  • The course of this diploma gives the students an opportunity to establish the more research in the same field and develop new techniques.
  • These person who have the completed this course can manage the complex diseases of the human body such as heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, depression, asthma etc.
  • These people can guide and help the people in many ways and for many problems such as nose, mouth, ear, throat, joints and bones, mental illness and reproductive problems.
  • After the completion of course they can get excellent jobs in the private and public sector.


People who completed this course can find many employment opportunities in the world as you all know that medical professionals are required everywhere in the world. Some employment areas are given below.

  • They can write the content in the medical field
  • They can work in the medical stores for the prescription of medicines
  • Medical universities and colleges
  • In the private clinics

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