What is the Full Form of DCH-DCH Stands For?

DCH is the diploma in child health which is given in India to many students every year. Child health is a very keen issue in the sub-continent countries and especially in India because of the population of India much larger than other sub-continent countries. Due to the less number of medical professionals in India, this diploma put a great role in the health of children. Several colleges are present in India which offer this diploma for the students and after passing from these colleges students got employment in a vast area of child health. DCH full form is also used usually in India instead of other countries. You can see the DCH full form in daily newspapers in the advertisement of colleges or on any other source of information. In this article, I will give detail explanation about the DCH full form and you can clear your concepts about this diploma which is being offered by the different colleges of India.

DCH Full Form- Diploma in Child Health

  • DCH Stands For – Diploma in Child Health

DCH full form is Diploma in Child Health. It is an undergraduate course having three years of duration and offered by several colleges in India. The minimum eligibility to get enroll in this diploma is 12th years of education in science subjects. This program contains six semesters and in each semester there are courses related to the child health except the final semester in which student can choose the stream of the study of his interest. There are two types of child health diplomas are being offered in India first type is the undergraduate while other is the postgraduate in which the minimum eligibility is the MBBS degree and the students after the MBBS degree can get specialization in the child health.

Postgraduate diploma composed on 2 years or one year, the duration of postgraduate diploma depends upon the university or college of the state in India. Some universities provide the diploma having two-year duration while some provide diploma of one year. After the MBBS students got much experience and specialization in this course to take care of the child. The postgraduate diploma is also contained the semester system. To get the admission in Diploma in Child health which is the DCH full form, a candidate should have excellent marks in the 12th standard and there is also the requirement of entrance test which is offered to the student to get admission in this diploma. After the merit formation by collecting the marks of 12th standard and entrance test final selection is done by the colleges.

There are few colleges which offered this diploma without the entrance test such as AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and research center and Dr. BR Ambedkar Medical college while others require the entrance test for admission. Such diploma holders are hired as Nutrition specialists, sports nutritionists, and nutrition coordinator. There are many other employment options available for such diploma holders in India. DCH full form is commonly unknown by the people of India they usually got confused between these two types of diplomas. There are different fee structures for different colleges and these fee structures depend upon the duration of the study and facilities provided by the colleges. The average fee of each college which offered this diploma is between 6000-128,000 Indian rupees for the duration of 1, 2 and 3 years. The salary of such professionals annually ranges between 2-6 lacs INR and the salary totally depends upon the expertise and experience of the person. India created many professionals in this field and these professionals work in the health department of India and provide great help for the people of their country.

What DCH Course Teach

This program is designed to provide the specialization in the wide range of health perspectives such as fitness and illness to the eligible candidates. This course teaches the students about biological, population-based and behavioral perspectives through the mixture of applied sciences. This program has the aim to build medical specialists with excellent knowledge, aptitude, and skills especially in the field of pediatrics. The pediatrics field has very complications so it is needed to produce professionals with the extra knowledge about it so that they can deliver the best performance in society. India is facing a great challenge regarding the health of the child so in India, the requirement of these professionals is very high. Public health is the first priority of any country or society and to maintain public health a society should have excellent professionals in all fields of medical especially in the field of pediatrics. There are several things which are included in the curriculum of the course and all the things are related to child health and care. This course also teaches about the preventive measures for the certain conditions of the child health. Diploma in child health as the full form of DCH is usually adopted by the students of India after the 12th standard and this trend is increasing day by day in India.

Eligibility Criteria For Dch

The students who are wishing to apply in the undergraduate course must have the 10+2 level of education from any recognized board of the India state and he should have completed his 12th standard in the science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics. The students who are wishing to apply for the postgraduate diploma should have the degree of MBBS from the recognized colleges or the University of India otherwise they cannot apply for getting admission in this diploma.

Admission Process in DCH

Many students got confused with the admission process of the colleges for the diploma in child health as DCH full form. Every college has a different admission process in this context. Some acquired an entrance test before the admission while some give the direct admission on the basis of previous class marks. Some colleges also conduct interviews of the students so that they can admit some quality minds their college. Admission process of every college depends upon the administration of that college.

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