What is the Full Form of DA- DA Stands For?

DA is a living allowance for government employees in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The government provides many opportunities to their employees and one of the major benefits is dearness allowance. DA full form is widely used in the government sections of three countries and also between the employees. When a person gets a job in the government department in India he/she is posted to the place which is decided by the government and then the person continue his job there and the government provides him a handsome salary and some allowances in which DA is also included.  Many people used the term of DA but they have no knowledge of DA full form but they actually know the concept of this term. In this article, I will provide you detail information about the DA full form and also discuss some other main aspects of this term.

DA Full Form- Dearness Allowance

DA full form is Dearness allowance. It is a cost of living which is provided to the government employees, public sector employees and some other private employees in order to mitigate the impression of inflation of the country on the employees. This allowance is provided in the three countries as Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. The basic purpose of this allowance is to provide ease to the employees so that they can easily manage the living expenses in the place of posting and can work with concentration for the respective department. This living allowance plays a vital role in the life of an employee because besides the basic salary he also gets some other amount to manage the living expenses of his family and his own.

There are many other allowances are also included in the salary of an employee. The amount of allowance is provided with the salary amount every month and it depends on the employee that how he uses that money for living his life. TA is another concept of allowance in which an employee is provided with the traveling allowance if he/she has to travel during his job. The government provides all the other expenses of an employee which are necessary to provide besides the basic pay. DA full form is usually used with TA/DA because usually these two allowances are provided by the governments of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. The living allowance is usually provided with respect to the area of the posting for example if a worker is working in a metropolitan area then the living allowance of the employee is higher than the person who is working in a rural area where the living costs are less than any metropolitan area. The calculation of DA is done on the base of the basic salary of the employee as it is a specific percentage which is applied to the basic salary of the worker.

If someone has the higher salary then the living allowance is higher and if someone has the smaller amount of basic salary then that person has the less living allowance DA full form is usually incorporated in the newspapers otherwise you will observe only the abbreviation. In every country, the rules and regulation of these allowances are different from other countries but the basic concept of these allowances is similar. India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh share the same pattern and concept of these allowances because this system has a long history before the liberation of these three countries. The guidelines for providing living allowances are directly proportional to the place where a person lives. DA is a totally taxable allowance and there are two types of this allowance, in one type this allowance is given under the terms of employment while in other cases it is not given under the conditions of employment.

Information about TA

Apart from the DA full form, you should have the information about TA (Travelling Allowance). Traveling allowance is that amount which is provided by the government to their employees to cover the cost of traveling during the duty hours. In sub-continent, these two allowances are usually involved in the salary of the government employee. The traveling cost depends upon the distance which is covered by the employee and also it depends upon the grade. The higher grade officers have more amount of allowance than the lower grade officers. TA/DA is usually coming together in the salary of a government employee. These two allowances are added to the monthly income of the employee. Allowances are usually given to the employee according to the post of the employee. For example, if an employee has a job of visiting different areas then the traveling allowance of that employee is more than the other employees who have less travels. In order to ease the employee, the government takes all the measures of the employee that they will be provided with a good amount of allowances.

Brief History about DA

The dearness allowance was introduced after the Second World War and at that time this allowance was named Dear Food Allowance. Another allowance named Old Textile allowance was also introduced into 1947 and after the revised version this allowance named revised Textile Allowance.  In the beginning, the dearness allowance was given to the employees according to their demands and responses and then after sometimes it was linked with the Consumer Price index. In the previous century when this allowance has its beginning many committees were established to ensure the equal and uniform distribution of this allowance to the employees so that each employee can live without any hurdle in his life. After the passage of time, the new schedules and methods were introduced in three countries Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh in order to improve the employee income structure and reduce his problems in their lives.

There is some other DA full forms are also used in the world but they are not specific and commonly used. So you can rely on the above described full form of DA. If you have any query about the above article then you can contact us through the comment section.

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