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In this article, we will know Full form of CO, CO Abbreviation, CO meaning, CO full form, CO acronyms because  In the Indian police department, especially in some areas like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand the circle officer have the rank equal to the DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police). In the major areas of India such as metropolitan areas the officers are called DSPs but in case of some areas, this special title is given to the officers as circle officer. There is different ranking systems are present in the Indian police department and due there are different responsibilities of the officers assigned according to the rank. The basic purpose of the ranking system is to manage the system well and execution of the different tasks. CO full form is widely used in India but sometimes in the newspapers and TV the abbreviation is used as CO. In those areas where such officers are appointed, people know about the CO full form. This article is all about the explanation of the CO full form.

Information about full form of CO

  • CO Full Form- Circle Officer

The CO full form is Circle officer. A circle officer is a police officer who has the equal rank to the DSP (Deputy Superintendent of Police). This officer has also the equal rank to the ACP (Assistant Commissioner of Police). A circle officer runs the independent police force in a subdivision of the Indian state such as Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan while in the other states the officers of the similar rank are appointed as a DSP and they control the subdivision force inside the state to control the different criminal acts for the safety of the citizens. In the metropolitan areas of the India such as Delhi, Mumbai where the police force is controlled by the Commissioner the officers of the similar ranks have the title of Assistant Commissioner of Police. In the three cases, the title is changed but the responsibilities and functions of the officers are similar whether in the metropolitan area or somewhere else.

CO full form is used many times in the newspapers of India and TV channels but in such a large population there are some people who knew about this ranking system. In the police departments of the world usually, the abbreviations are used and people rely on the abbreviation, no one cares about the full forms but for the learning aspect, these full forms are necessary because in many exams and public examinations the questions about the abbreviations are present and students are unaware of them. The keeping of land records present in the area of a specific circle officer is also the major duty of the circle officer because in India there are many disputes occur on the base of land issues.

The main duty of the officer is to keep the land records as total agricultural lands, vacant land, and barren or wasteland. These all the land issues are kept under the authority of the circle officer and all the disputes related to the land are directed to these officers for the final case and then the disputes directed to the honorable court. In India, these officers have different duties and each officer is responsible to fulfill these duties assigned by the government of India. Such officers are present mainly in some states of India where these disputes are more as compared to other states of India. CO full form is also used there and most of the Indians are not aware of this term which is used in those areas of India. In the next phase of the article, we will discuss the duties of a circle officer in the different states of India and also discuss how these duties affect the life of people in a good sense.

Duties of Circle Officer

A circle officer plays a great and exceptional role in the collection of the revenues for the state.as you all know in India and the neighbor countries the issues of the land revenues are more controversial and difficult to solve but the circle officers play a great role in keeping the land records in the states of India and also the collection of revenues. The basic duty or function of this officer is to keep the record of agricultural, waste and industrial land in the zones of his territory. His duty enables the government of India to set the rent for the government lands and then the collection of the rent also relies on the shoulders of the circle officer. Each circle officer is the supervisor of the revenue administration and records of the lands in his territory. He visits every village in his territory and inspects every land of the villages under the jurisdiction. This officer will discharge the duties of the khasmahal officer in the Bihar provision of India under the 1941 estate manual.  He is responsible for the accurate collection of the rent and then deposits of this rent to the government of India. He is responsible for the representation of the annual reports of the area regarding the land issues to the government department. In the duties of a circle officer, it is included that a circle officer will tour at least 120 days in the area in a year and the 90 nights will be spent outside his quarters. During these tours, he should collect the land issues and other related issues of the people and make the reports on these issues. A circle officer must be familiar with the account rules.

Recruitment of CO

Recruitment’s of these officers are being done according to the rules and regulations of the Indian government. Sometimes some officers get promotions to reach this level and sometimes recruited directly. The state public commission is responsible to conduct the examination of the people who are willing to approach this seat. The police officers selected after the examination of public commission recruited to these posts in the different Indian states according to the government instructions. Mostly these officers recruited directly by the state public commissions or by the promotions of previous rank officers.

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