What Is The Full Form of CGL

Everybody wants to get the government post because it comes with a lot of benefits. InIndia and some neighbor countries, unemployment is the major problem for theyoung generation and every bachelor wants to get the government job in theirlife. There are so many reasons behind this scenario the main reason is thatgovernment jobs are permanent and salaries are excellent as compared to theprivate jobs. There are different processes are present in India by whichstudents are being recruited in the government post but the major process forthe recruitments in government departments is CGL. Due to the popularity ofthis term, nobody has interest to know the full form of CGL but this articlewill explain the full form of CGL in front of you with the greater descriptions.

what is the full form of cgl

information about Full form of CGL

The full form of CGL which is used in India is Combined Graduate Level. It is also famous as staff selection commission or combined graduate level examination. It is a type of examination which is conducted in India to recruit people for different posts in the departments, ministries, and some other organizations of the Indian government. This examination is conducted by the staff selection commission for recruiting the people in Group B and Group C posts. The staff selection commission was formed by the Indian government during the year 1975. There are some requirements to apply for these examinations are established by the staff selection commission.

Those candidates who want to apply for this examination should have bachelor degree from any recognized university as described by the full form of CGL combined graduate level. Candidate must have the age between 20 to 30 years and above or below are not accepted by the staff selection commission but the age limits varied and depend upon the posts on which candidate wants to apply because every post has the different criteria regarding age limit. For example, the post of Inspector for Central Bureau of Narcotics had the age limit 18 to 27 but in the year 2018 the age limits extended up to 30.

Thedecided fee to apply for this examination in the year 2017 was 100 rupees butwomen candidates and those candidates who are belonging to the specific cast,specific tribe, handicapped and ex-servicemen who are eligible for reservationcan apply without giving any fee to the government. This test is offered on theannual basis in India. These examinations are conducted in India with theseveral tiers and examination has few parts through which candidates areselected. The procedure of the examination changed with the passage of time andnew guidelines are being added every year. As the number of Bachelorsincreasing day by day in India so the criteria of the examination and merit forthe selection of candidates is also being tough in these days due to whichstudents work hard for the preparation of this test. Thousands of studentsapply for this examination every year but few students are selected for thegiven posts.

Structure of the CGL in India

This examination has different parts and each part conducted on the different days while the result of every part posted after the one part and then next part conducted according to the set date. Some years ago an interview was also mandatory for the selection but now government of India removed the interview part from the examination for the non-gazette posts. For the selection of some specific tests the computer proficiency test and skill test is also being conducted as a part of this examination. There are four major parts included in the examinations which are given below.

 Preliminary Test

This is the first part of the examination in which candidates are provided with the multiple choice questions in the written form and this multiple choice question covers the following subjects.

    Reasoning and general intelligence

    English Comprehension

    Quantitative part

    General Awareness

The paper has total 200 marks and every subject has 50 marks which are given above. In the year 2018, this preliminary test was conducted online. The passed candidates in the Preliminary test will be qualified for the next parts.

Main Exam

This is the main part of the examination and consists on the objective type written a paper which covered the four major subjects which are given below.

    Quantitative Aptitude

    English comprehension and Language

  General studies which are divided into two group’s i-e Governance and Economics,    Accounting and Finance.

    Statistics

This part also has total 200 marks and each subject covers the 50 marks. Most of the positions required only first two subjects while some positions required only last two subjects and these subjects depend upon the position or post on which candidates apply. In 2018 this part also has conducted online.


The qualified candidates from the previous two parts are selected for this part. In this test selected candidates are provided with the pen and paper for writing the different types of Essays and letters, sometimes application writing is also required from the candidates.  The language of the test also depends upon the posts like some posts conduct this exam in the English Language while some posts required in the Hindi Language and in some both are available as an option. After passing this exam candidates transferred into the next sections of the examination.

Computer Proficiency and Data Entry

Some specific posts include data entry and computer proficiency test for the final selection of the candidates. The introduction of these two tests was done in the year 2016.

    In the data entry test, candidates must have the speed of 2000 key presses in the period of 15 minutes. This is required especially for the post of Tax Assistant.

    In the computer, proficiency candidates must have knowledge to prepare slides, spreadsheets and must have proper practice in the usage of Microsoft Word.

There some other exams are also being conducted as a part of this examination but those tests are for the few specific posts.

I have tried my best to explain the all sections regarding the full form of CGL in the above article if you have confusion in any point please mention in the comments.  

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