What is the Capital of Himachal Pradesh ?

Himachal Pradesh is situated in the northern part of the country. It is situated in the Western Himalayas and is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Haryana. Himachal Pradesh shares its border with Tibet. Through its history, the district was for the most part governed by neighborhood kingdoms some of which acknowledged the suzerainty of bigger realms. Before India’s autonomy from British, Himachal involved the bumpy locales of Punjab Province of British India. After autonomy, a significant number of the uneven regions were sorted out as the Chief Commissioner’s region of Himachal Pradesh which later turned into an association domain. In 1966, bumpy regions of neighboring Punjab state were converged into Himachal and it was at last allowed full statehood in 1971.

what is the capital of himachal pradesh

The capital of Himachal Pradesh

The capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla. Shimla is the largest city of Himachal Pradesh. The interesting fact associated with the city if Shimla is that it was declared as the summer capital of British India. Shimla was declared the capital of Punjab after the independence of India and was named the capital of Himachal Pradesh subsequently. Shimla is one of the best tourist locations in India with awe-inspiring landscapes and environment. One can witness the astounding scenery of snowfall during the winters in Shimla. It covers the area of about 35 sq. km.

  • Area: 35.34 sq. km
  • Population: 169,578
  • Languages: Hindi, English
  • History of Shimla

The city of Shimla was invaded in1806 by Bhimsen Thapa of Nepal. The Sugauli Treaty concluded after the Anglo-Nepalese War gave the control of Shimla to the British East Company.  After the independence of India the Chief Commissioner’s Province of H.P. appeared on 15 April 1948 because of incorporation of 28 insignificant regal states (counting feudatory sovereigns and zaildars) in the projections of the western Himalaya, referred to in full as the Shimla Hills States and four Punjab southern slope states by issue of the Himachal Pradesh (Administration) Order, 1948 under Sections 3 and 4 of the Extra-Provincial Jurisdiction Act, 1947. The State of Bilaspur was converged in the Himachal Pradesh on 1 April 1954 by the Himachal Pradesh and Bilaspur (New State) Act, 1954. Himachal turned into a section C state on 26 January 1950 with the execution of the Constitution of India and the Lt. Senator was selected. Authoritative Assembly was chosen in 1952.

Economy of Shimla

The economy of Shimla is largely dependent on tourism and government sectors. Education sector and horticulture also contributes substantially towards the economy of Shimla. Apart from being a hub of transport and trade, Shimla is also one of the major health care centers of the region housing some of the prominent and important healthcare centers such as Indira Gandhi Hospital Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital and Kamla Nehru Hospital.

Government is attempting to advance innovation and IT division as the new region for development and promotion in spite of the fact that very few organizations have yet settled in Shimla. There are numerous new companies in and around Shimla. There are more than six calls focuses in Shimla, including Altruist Technologies and 31 Parallel. Two striking organizations that are enrolled in Shimla are Netgen IT Solutions, a universal site advancement startup with accomplice workplaces in the US and Australia, and Himachal Media, an organization that bargains with substance and media distributing.

Places of Interest

Shimla has a number of beautiful places to visit. The city is prominently known for heritage buildings in “Tudorbethan” architecture. Another famous place is the Lakkar Bazaar. It is famous for souvenirs and wood crafts. There are many numerous temples in the city if Shimla. Some of the famous temples are the Kali Bari temple, Jakhoo temple, and Sankat Mochan.

Shimla expressions and artworks are profoundly popular by the voyagers. They go from magnificent bits of adornments, weaved shawls and pieces of clothing to cowhide made articles and models. Shimla is loaded with pine and deodar trees. The wood has been widely utilized in every real working of Shimla. The different sorts artworks of Shimla made out of wood incorporates little boxes, utensils, picture carvings and keepsakes.

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