What Is The Capital Of Gujarat

Gujarat is an Indian state which lies in the western part of the Indian subcontinent. Gujarat is the sixth largest state of India area wise. It borders the state of Rajasthan, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. It also shares its border with Pakistan and the Arabian Sea to the west. The state of Gujarat has the third largest economy among all the states of India. Gujarat has the GDP of $210 billion and has the per capita income of Rs. 157,000. The state of Gujarat is also known for its regions of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization such as Lothal and Dholavira.

Capital of Gujarat

Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat State of India. Gandhinagar lies on the west bank of Sabarmati River. It is 545 km from Mumbai and 901 km from Delhi. Gandhinagar is located on the west-central part of Industrial corridor between Delhi and Mumbai. Gandhinagar is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. The city of Gandhinagar covers an area of about 177 sq. km and has a population of about 292, 167. Gandhinagar is the cleanest city of Asia.

  • Area: 177 sq. km
  • Population: 292,167
  • Languages: Gujarati, English, Hindi

Demographics of Gandhinagar

As per the census data of 2001, the percentage of the male in Gandhinagar was 53% and 47% of women. The average literacy rate is 77.11%. the literacy rate of male is 82% and that of the female is 73%.

Governance of Gandhinagar

On 1 May 1960, Gujarat was made out of the 17 northern regions of previous State of Bombay. These regions were additionally subdivided later on. There are 33 managerial areas in the state. Gandhinagar is a governmental issues centre for the territory of Gujarat. Sri L.k. Advani is Present Elected part for a long time from Gandhinagar situate in Loksabha Election. Congress won the principal district race in 2011. Mahendrasinh Rana turned into the main civic chairman of the city.


The governing body of Gujarat has proposed a Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad (MEGA). The motive is to enhance the rapid transit in the city. This project is also called as Ahmedabad Metro. The four corridors of this metro project will be constructed by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

Attractions of Gandhinagar

The main attraction of Gandhinagar is the Akshardham Temple. It is made up of pink stone and has beautiful carving all around it. another most prominent tourist place in the city of Gandhinagar is the Gandhi Ashram. The Gandhi Ashram was the place where the freedom fighters used to gather around and make plans for national movements against the British rule.

The indigenous food of Gujarat is also famous all over India. Gujarati Thali, Flavourful fafda and Dhokla are some of the famous foods of Gujarat and can be easily found in Gandhinagar.


Gandhinagar has rich cultural traditions. The most famous and prominent festival of Gandhinagar is Navratri, which is celebrated in October. This festival is marked by people wearing the ethnic dress, Ghagra and a dance called Gharba is performed.

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