BSF Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of BSF

In Population, India is the second largest country in the world. In India, there are many armed forces to protect the nation from foreign invaders or attacks because there are many controversies of India are present with the neighbor countries of India. BSF is the border force of India and it is developed to protect the nation form its borders. There are many other forces are also present in India which is responsible to handle any severe situation regarding the security of the people and BSF is one of them. What is the full form of BSF as Indian people are unaware of the full form of BSF so that why I am writing this articles to explain the term and all the specifications attached with this border force of India.

what is the full form of bsf

Information about the Full Form of BSF

The full form of B.S.F. is Border Security Force. It is the organization in India which is responsible to defend the border of India. This force is one of the five armed police forces which are present in India. The border security force was developed or formed in the year 1965 during the war of 1965 to ensure the protection of borders and all the security matters connected with the borders. This organization is responsible from that time till now to secure the borders of India and all the remaining matter which are included in the borders of India. It is a central armed force of India which prevents the transnational crimes during the peacetime and protect the land borders of the nation. This border force has its own schedule and system of officers but the heads of the BSF like Director General are selected from the Police service of India and all the below rank officer are recruited through its own schedule. There are different assignments are assigned to this force according to the time and situation but the main task remained stuck to the land borders. Instead of the land border, they can also be performed other assignments as ordered by the director general of the police. At the beginning of the formation of this force there were few battalions present but with the passage of time the members of the force increased and now the total number of battalions are 257,363 in which all the air wing, artillery regiments, marine wing and commando units are included. This force is the world’s number one force in terms of border guarded force. To run such a large force of battalions there is a need of heavy budget and the Indian government is responsible for all the budget they needed. In the year 2017, the annual budget of the force was 2.4 billion dollars. Border security force falls under the supervision of Ministry of Home Affairs of India. The headquarters of the force are present in New Delhi, India. After the discussion of the full form of BSF now I will move towards the other aspects of this border force of India.

Brief History about the BSF

From independence of India during the year 1947 all the border securities were assigned to the police force of India and the local police was responsible to protect the international border of their area and all the other matters which were attached with the border were assigned to the local police. But in the war of 1965, there was a strong need of another force which can protect the borders solely and prevents the invaders from the borders of India. So at that time Border security force was introduced on the 1st December 1965. From that time till now this force plays an essential role to protect the borders of India and now considered as a world’s number one force in terms of border security forces. This agency of border force is under the administrative control of the Home ministry of India. It is one of the Indian major law enforcement agencies which are playing their roles to protect the civilians from harsh condition regarding the security of the country. The first Director-General of this force was F Rustamji who used his capabilities to improve this force.

Engagements of the BSF in Different Operations

This security force of India plays its role in the different security operation of the country which was proved helpful to prevent the country from heavy damage. In the War of India and Pakistan during the year 1971 this force played its role and protect the borders of India with greater credibility and without this force, it was impossible to protect the borders with the local police of India. There were some other operations are also carried out by this force like Operation Blue Star and Operation Black Thunder. This force also played an efficient role during the counterinsurgency in Jammu and Kashmir. In Operation Vijay during Kargil War this force also behind the great prevention of the border invasions. In the year 2001 during the clash of the forces between Bangladesh and India the border security force played its role well and prevent the Bangladesh forces to attack the border areas of India. It also imparts a great effect in the year 2013 during the skirmishes between Pakistan and India border forces and then in the skirmishes of Pakistan and India border forces during the year 2014-15.

Women Deployment

In the long era of this force it includes only men forces along the borders of India but now a government of India deployed some women around the border of India and considered the women as an equal partnership in this regard. Hundred troops of women are deployed on the high-risk borders of the India and Pakistan and 60 women troops will be deployed on the Bangladesh India border. In the total terms, there are 565 women constables will be deployed on the different phases of the border and they will perform their duties as ordered by the director general of the BSF.

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