BHMS Full Form-What BHMS Stands for?

BHMS is the bachelor of homeopathic medicine and surgery, it is a degree commonly used in India. There are two main methods of treating the diseases in human beings; one is through allopathy and second is through homeopathy. In these days the concept of homeopathy is not usually used because this is the modern world and people usually believe in the allopathy methods but some decades before the concept of homeopathy was strongly followed by the people of the world. Now in India many people believe in the methods of homeopathy to treat the serious illness in the human body. BHMS full form is not commonly used in the world because this technique is now restricted to India and some other countries. In India, many people know about the BHMS full form. In this article, I will describe the detail and important information about BHMS full form.

B.H.M.S. Full Form- Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

B.H.M.S. full form is Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. It is a bachelor degree provided to the students after completing the five years duration in the homeopathic medicine courses. Sometimes it is extended to the five and half year because students have to complete their internships in the different hospitals to get the practical knowledge of the homeopathic medicine and surgery. During the five years, students of this degree learn about the different homeopathic systems and medicine through the syllabus and through the practical. The systems of homeopathy are totally different from the systems of allopathy because homeopathy systems believe in the natural healing of the body itself and homeopathic medicine is only provided to the patients to boost that natural process in the body which can automatically heal or treat the disease. In the allopathy, there is external components are involved which are provided to the patients to treat the specific kind of disease or injury.

According to the BHMS full form that it is the bachelor degree in Homeopathic medicine and surgery. In Homeopathy it is believed that certain products or natural products activate the healing process of the body and then the body can heal itself, homeopathy introduced the concept that healing is from the inner side of the body not from the outside. One major reason behind the popularity of homeopathy in the world is that the medicine of this technique has no harmful effects on the body of a human being because they are in very dilute form and prepared from the natural products, not from the chemical reactions. All the products of the homeopathy have certain types of natural products which are present in the different parts of the world in nature. As the comparison to the developed countries the use of homeopathy is high in the underdeveloped countries and mostly the use of this technique is in India. Several diseases can be controlled by this method and some diseases can be reduced by the use of homeopathy to a certain extent which cannot be achieved by the allopathic medicine. Many students in India after the 10+2 attempt the entrance test to get admission in this degree as BHMS full form.

India has the large community of such homeopathic doctors and they serve their nation with the innovative methods to treat the certain conditions of the human body. Several colleges are present in India which is offering this degree to the students and each college has its own reputation regarding the merit process to give admission to the students. During the course, students learn about homeopathic medicine and surgery through practical and text available in the form of books.

Eligibility Criteria for BHMS

To apply for admission in the BHMS one should have the 10+2 education and that education should be in the science subjects as mentioned: Biology, Physics, chemistry. Your education should be from the recognized board of the state in India. The minimum marks which are required to apply in this degree are from 50 to 60 percent but it can be different in some colleges of India because every college has its own eligibility criteria regarding the marks percentage. For the general category, the age limit is 22 years while in the case of a reserved category the age limit is relaxed up to 24 years. The same pattern of age limit is followed in all colleges of India.

Admission Process

As described by the BHMS full form that it is a Bachelor of homeopathic medicine and surgery. For getting in this bachelor degree it is necessary to appear in the entrance test. To get admission in the government colleges the candidates should attempt the entrance test conducted by the different colleges and universities otherwise the candidate cannot get admission in this degree. After the clearance of entrance exam candidate is selected for the group discussion sessions or the personal interview. Below is the list of common entrance tests conducted in terms of getting admission in the BHMS.

  • AP Entrance Examination
  • NEET Entrance test
  • PU CET common entrance test

Future Prospects

After the completion of this undergraduate degree, candidates have several opportunities. Most of the students get admission in the MD in homeopathy which has the duration of three years and after the MD students have much experience and knowledge about this field which can be helpful for them in the future. There are different subfields present in the homeopathy and in MD students can select one field such as Materia, medical homeopathy or organon of medicine. As the medicine of homeopathy is free of any harmful effect to the body there are several people who want to use it and go to the professionals of this field. After the graduation students can practice in the private or government hospitals as homeopathic doctors and also can open their clinic for people guidance. After the completion of the degree, people can also work in the manufacturing industries as a quality controller, sales officers. The common popular jobs available for the professionals of this degree are given below.

  • Homeopathic consultant
  • Pharmacist
  • Homeopathic doctor
  • Teaching
  • Research Professionals

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