BDS Full Form- What is the Full Form of BDS?

BDS is a bachelor degree in the field of dentistry. BDS full form is also used in the context of teeth and mouth. In India and other parts of the world, there are many colleges and universities which offered this degree in the different time duration. Field of dentistry is one of the major fields in the medical aspect because in these days due to numerous factors there are many diseases which linked to the mouth and especially teeth. Teeth are the vital parts of the human body without teeth a person cannot chew anything and it will disturb the functioning of the stomach directly. You have seen the BDS full form in the advertisements of colleges and universities around the world and specifically, in the teeth related seminars, the degree holders have an integral part. In this article, I am going to explain all the important things about the BDS full form.

BDS Full Form- Bachelor of Dental Surgery

BDS full form is Bachelor of Dental Surgery. It is a bachelor degree offered to successful students. Dental surgery is the medical field in which surgery of mouth and handling of problems related to the parts of mouth such as teeth, gums and jaws is involved. The duration of this degree is generally five years around the world and students who passed the degree have the best option to become a dental surgeon. The period of five years is divided into two parts, in the first parts comprising of four years students attend the classes and passed the theory subjects and got training which is important for the future aspects while in the second part comprising of one year students must have the internship in which they will learn the practical knowledge and practices in which different patients of dental problems are faced by the students.

In these days different new diseases are emerging related to the mouth and people need more surgeon than the previous centuries. The demand of dental surgeon is increasing day by day and so overcome this demand a large number of students gets admission in the dental colleges and on the completion of five years, they get the title of a dental surgeon. BDS full form clearly described that it is a degree which deals with the surgery of the dental conditions. Many people think that this course is only for treating the tooth decay but it is not only restricted to treat this condition, along with the treatment of tooth decay it also put efforts on the denature, surgery and several other problems which are related to the mouth. The criteria for getting admission in this course are different in the different countries of the world. This course is mostly adopted by those students who cannot fall in the merit list of MBBS and then they get admission in this field but apart from this situation many students get admission in this course for their interests and then they become the successful dental surgeon in their future. After the discussion of BDS full form now I will describe some other important things on this topic.

Eligibility Criteria for BDS

Those students who have passed the 10+2 examination with the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and English are mostly eligible for applying this degree. Although the marks are also the major factor for getting admission in this field the marks are counted when merit lists being prepared for the final selection of the students. BDS full form demonstrates that it is a bachelor degree and for applying in the bachelor degree you must have the 12th standard education from the recognized college of the government in your country. In India students who have the 12th standard education with good marks can appear in the entrance test for the course and these entrance tests are conducted on the national level or state level in India. There are many universities present in India which are responsible to conduct this entrance test and these universities are included in the major universities of India which offered the best dental courses for the students. The age factor is also described by the government bodies of India related to this course.

Subjects in BDS

There are several courses are being offered by the Indian dental universities in the context of dental surgery. In the world subjects are similar but the pattern may differ from country to country. The basic concept of teaching the students about the dental condition is also similar around the world. There are some specific and important subjects related to the dental information is being offered in the Indian universities, some are listed below.

  • Human Physiology
  • Oral Pathology
  • Oral Microbiology
  • Materials used in Dentistry
  • Oral Maxillofacial surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Human oral anatomy, Tooth Morphology, and histology

Above mentioned subjects are compulsory in this course.

Next to BDS

BDS full form is bachelor of dental surgery so after the successful completion of this degree students can get experience by doing paid internships at the private and government clinics. After gaining the much experience by his/her internships they can run their own dental clinic where they can treat the patients of mouth related problems. A dental surgeon can also get a job in the government or private dental clinic as in India the demand of dentist is increasing day by day so the employment opportunity for the dental surgeon is also increasing in India. They can also get jobs in the pharmaceutical companies and the companies which are involved in the manufacturing of instruments related to the dentistry. Army of India also recruits the dental surgeon for the army hospitals and they have the best option to serve the army with lucrative benefits. On the base of the interest they can also get admission in the postgraduate degree and by doing this their demand increased up to a high level because they got extra knowledge of this degree and also get specialization in one subject. After the postgraduate, there are many opportunities for the person in India and other parts of the world.

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