What is the Full Form of BAMS- BAMS Stands for?

In the ancient times, the medical field has no proper treatment for the lethal diseases but the people at that time who were considered to be a doctor have the knowledge of some roots of the plants which are effective in treating some diseases and also used for the preventive measures. In Indian culture, this practice still exists and most of the people prefer the ancient treatments over present advanced medical treatments. These medicines which are originated from the combination of herbal constituent have no side effects and sometimes prove to be beneficial for the treatment of diseases. In India there is proper education is given about this field to the students. BAMS full form is not known by the people except the Indians because this degree is most common in India. Students who want to choose their career in this field also know about BAMS full form. In this article, I am going to explain each and everything about the BAMS full form so that after reading this article you will get all the information about this degree.

B.A.M.S. Full Form- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

B.A.M.S. full form is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. In India, it is an undergraduate degree provided to the students in the field of medicine. This degree is provided to those students who completed the five and a half year of medicine courses and one year of internship. The minimum qualification to take admission in this course is that a student must have 12th standard education and that student must clear the state or national level entrance test for getting admission in this degree.

There are many colleges and universities present in India which are offering this degree and many students passed every year from these universities. Ayurvedic is an ancient Hindu art in which some special people with Ayurvedic knowledge heals and treated the people by natural available sources such as roots and other plantations. So India captured his culture and introduced a degree of this knowledge through his universities and colleges. Now students who are unable to get admission in the MBBS or other equivalent degrees in India they choose this option and get the knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery.

This knowledge is very effective against some major diseases even some diseases which cannot be treated by the advanced medical techniques are being treated by this medicine and surgery. The main benefit of Ayurvedic medicine is that it has very fewer side effects on the body of human and it provides a lot of benefits to the body. BAMS full form explains that it is a degree of Ayurvedic medicine and also the surgery so the specialists in this field have both knowledge medicine and surgery. In India, this technique was used several centuries ago and then it learned through generations and now India has a proper education system to educate the people about this technique. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery as the BAMS full form is very popular among the students of India because the competition in MBBS and BDS is very high and students who choose the science subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics have this best option for further studies. There are many courses which are learned by the students in this degree and students have a range of employment opportunities after this degree in India. Those universities which are offering this bachelor degree also have the postgraduate degree in this context and students also referred to choose this option because after the Masters they get more specialization knowledge about this degree and can perform better in the future.

What BAMS Course Contains

The curriculum of BAMS contains several things such as the basic knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery and also modern medicine. Students taught with the Ayurvedic topics and along with these the topics on modern anatomy, the principle of modern surgery, principle of modern medicine, and many more modern subjects are also studied by the students in this degree. Ayurveda is an ancient medical structure present in India. This system not only talks about the cure of a disease but also talks about the preventive measures of that disease and many people follow this system in India. If we take a deep study on this system it tells us that reason of any disease in the body is due to the three types dysfunctions in the body and those three dysfunctions are Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. BAMS full form described that this course is a unique combination of modern medicine and surgery and also the ancient time’s Ayurvedic medicine. This course or degree enables students to use modern medicine and ancient Ayurvedic medicine in their practice which will be helpful for patients to treat specific diseases.

Future after BAMS degree

After the completion of this degree, the graduate student has many options to go in and there are many areas where he/she can work to enhance the knowledge and practice to treat the patients. Following are some areas where students can go after completion of this degree.

  • He can do general practice or can work in hospital administration.
  • He can also get employment in clinical research and produce some new concepts there which can be helpful for further students.
  • He can become an Ayurvedic consultant.
  • He can get a job in herbal manufacturing companies as in India there are many herbal products companies.
  • He can take admission in the next degree such as in MS or MD.
  • Students can also enroll themselves in the health and nutrition degrees in the MS programs
  • Degree holders can open a massage center.
  • Students can become therapists in this field.

There are many other professions they can choose after the completion of this degree.

Famous colleges in India (Ayurvedic)

The BAMS full form is commonly used in these colleges and these are the best colleges for this degree.

  • RGUHS(Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Sciences), Bangalore
  • Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar
  • Tibia College, Delhi
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune

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