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Some abbreviations are specified for only one official term but some describes more than one full forms and AWW is one of the later described. AWW has several full forms in which some are officially used in different countries while some are created by the public generally as they have no official use. Our mission is to provide you the most important and related full forms of the abbreviations so in this article the full forms of AWW will be discussed and I will provide you the detail explanation of all the terms fall in this context. I will also describe some international and national full forms related to the AWW.

what is the full form of aww

Full Forms of AWW

  • American Water Works

This full form of AWW is used commonly in the context of American Water Company which is also known as American Waterworks and Guarantee Company. This company is operating in the United States of America and also in Canada. This company was founded in the year 1886 and this company was renamed in the year 1914 as American water works and Electric Company. In the year 1947, this company recognized as American Water Works Company Inc. This company own and manages the water subsidiaries in the United States of America and manage the municipal drinking water and also the waste waters produced by the societies. In the year 2003, this company formed an American Water Military Services Group which is responsible to avail the water supply in the different military bases of America and also manage the wastewater produced from those military bases.

This company collects the wastewater and treats it with the chemical process and then regulates it for drinking purposes and also provides it to the people. American water military services give water supply to the 11 bases of military. The services of this company include sewer line protection, water line protection, home plumbing situations, electric line protection, cooling system protection, heating system protection and power protection in terms of electricity. The headquarters of the company are situated in Camden, New Jersey. This company has 6,800 employees and it provides its services to near about 15 million people present in the United States of America and Canada. The most of the shares of this company are owned by the institutional investor during the year 2017. The quality of water handled by this American water company is properly checked by the USEPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) and responsible for any health hazard created by the water produced by this company. This USEPA protects the American citizens from the year 1974 and all the standards regarding the safety of water and other health measures are being set by this agency of America. All the health hazards which are caused by the water supplies are imposed on the water supply companies and the responsibility of EPA is to set the standards of different health hazards substances in the water. They set the tolerable limits of heavy metals, poisonous substances, bacterial presence and several other things.

Australian Women’s weekly

It is monthly women magazine of Australia which is also known as The Weekly. This women magazine is published by the Bauer Media Group in the city of Australia named Sydney. This magazine remained on the top in the list of magazines but it does not leave behind by another Australian edition of an American publication named Better Homes and Gardens. This magazine was started in the year 1933 by a person named Frank Packer as a weekly publication but after the gain of fame, it becomes monthly magazine. The first editor of the magazine was George Warnecke. The 75th anniversary of the magazine was celebrated in the publication of October 2008. In the year 1997 this magazine was also started to publish in Singapore and in the year 2000 it is started to publish in Malaysia. Magazine has usually 240 pages long and printed on the A4 size glossy paper. It contains the articles and other content regarding the different fashions of the Australian Women. In the year 1982, the frequency of this magazine was reduced from weekly to the monthly. According to an estimate, the readership numbers for this magazine in the year 2014 were 1,828,000.

Anganwadi Work

This term refers to the rural child care centers present in India. These rural child care centers named Anganwadi were started by the government of India in the year 1975 to combat with the different problems created in the rural areas of the country specifically with the children. The main purpose of these centers is to prevent child hunger and malnutrition. The meaning of word Anganwadi is courtyard shelter. These centers provide the basic health facilities to the children in the villages and these centers are the part of public health care centers in India. They provide education on child nutrition and supplementation, school activities and also provide counseling to children for better mind growth. These centers have basic medicines, contraceptives and oral rehydration salts which are necessary for the village child. There are near about 13.3 lakh Anganwadi centers are working out of 13.7 lakh during the year 2013 and government have intentions to extend these centers to every village of the country so that children get better life growth and able to compete in the tough race of life.  The workers in the centers are trained to provide every basic facility to the children and their mothers. They settle the school activities for children, teach pregnant mother that how to care the child in the womb and also teach the lactating mothers for healthy activities and nutrition. They also organize programs regarding social awareness in the people of villages. These centers are headed by the CDPO (Child Development Projects Office) and these officers are responsible to check the activities of the centers.

Some other full forms of AWW are listed below.

  • Average Weekly Wage
  • Auction of Washington Wines
  • Any Which Way
  • All weather Wood
  • Adjusted Work Week

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