What is the full form of ATM, who invented ATM ?

How important are the banks for us? Everyone knows that without the banks, human beings can not work nowadays. There is nowhere more secure place than money to keep money transactions and money.

whats is full form of atm

Not only this, but the bank also provides credit card and debit card for withdrawal of money at any time, which we can withdraw money by using ATM machine. The role of the ATM machine is very high in the facilities we have given today because it allows any person to withdraw money from anywhere. All this can be done only because of the ATM, if there is no ATM, then there will be so many crowds in the banks that we waste much of our time there. But with the help of ATM, we are saving our time too much, but you know how important ATM services are to us.

If you do not know that what is ATM’s full form and who invented the ATM and when was it made in this post today we are going to talk ATM full form who invented the ATM ?


The ATM was created by a man named “John Shepherd Barron” living in Scotland. This is a very funny story behind why he made an ATM which we are sharing with you-

This story begins with a bank, when John Shepherd went to the bank one day in 1965, he came to know that the bank has been closed for a few minutes already because of that, he can not withdraw money from the bank. That’s why he thought, why not make a machine that can be withdrawn 24 × 7 hours without going the bank.

He did hard work continuously up to 2 years to build such a machine and consequently he had been getting success the first ATM Jun 27, 1967, and he gave the world an ATM machine by which people making a cash withdraw.

John gave a new revolution in this world. We all know that in order to withdraw money from ATM we need a debit card, this card was also at that time and it was given by the bank which atm card was connected to the bank account of the account holder. Like today and the account holder name is also written on atm card, and a specific number is also given for each atm card in which there was an electronic chip, the card can be connected to an atm machine through this chip.

At that time the ATM card was left in the ATM machine, which would have to be used every time a new ATM card But today an ATM card is enough to many transactions.

Today’s atm pin number is of four digits. At that time pin was also needed but John Shepherd wanted to keep this pin number 6 digit but due to his wife he could not do it. Because his wife had trouble remembering the pin of 6 digits, so he changed it to 4 digits.

When was the first ATM machine implemented in INDIA?

If we talk about the service of ATM in India, ATM machine in India was started in 1987. It was first implemented by Hongkong and Shanghai banking corporation (HSBC) in the city of Mumbai, the largest metropolis of India.

With this we want to tell you another thing of general knowledge that the world’s first floating ATM was planted by the state bank of India in Kochi city of Kerala state of India.

What is the FULL form of ATM?

So, after getting so much information about ATM, we will know what is the full form of ATM ? Atm full form is Automated Teller Machine.

  • ATM Stands for – Automated Teller Machine

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