Along which river does London lie ?

The capital city of England, London lies along the river Thames. The London city is port which is located on the banks of river Thames. It lies on the northern bank of the river. Due to its navigable characteristics, river Thames plays a major role in the development and progress of London.

The Thames River

River Thames flows through the Southern part of England along the city of London. With 346 km in length, Thames is the longest river of England. The river has prominence historical importance. Factors like the development of road transport and the decline of British Colonial Empires at the beginning of the 20th century had reduced the importance of the river. The Thames river also played a significant role in the Second World War. The Maunsell forts and barrage balloons were used by the British during the war to avert the German attack.

The significance of the Thames River

  • The water from the Thames River is one of the major source of drinking water in England. There are many water treatment plants in the city of London to treat the water of the Thames River. After treatment, the water is supplied for further usage.
  • Thames River also plays a substantial role in power generation in England. The queen of England had opened a hydro-electric plant to generate electricity using the water of Thames River.
  • The river is also used for tourism purpose. Many tourist attractions such as Houses of Parliament and the Tower of London are situated along the riverside. London River Services undertake sightseeing tours in tourist boats on the river.
  • The river also possesses importance in the field of sports. Rowing is one of the most popular sports in the city of London. There are more than 200 rowing clubs on the river. The University Boat Race and Henley Royal Regatta are the most popular and important rowing events which are organised on the River Thames.

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