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AB is a very common term and used in many contexts as an abbreviation of many full forms. If you read a newspaper it could contain the term AB but in different contexts. Today I will explain to you each and every full form of AB which is used in the different field of education or any other field. All of you know that short terms are used everywhere nowadays and it is difficult to remember the full form of every acronym so I am trying to provide the best collection of full forms on this platform so you can come here and find every full form regarding any acronym.

Commonly used Full Forms of AB

Artium Baccalaureus

It is a Latin term used as the full form of AB. Artium Baccalaureus is a term used for the B.A (Bachelor of Arts). It is a degree granted to those students who complete their graduation in the arts subjects. Many universities of the world offer this degree and students done graduation in the arts subjects in the thousands of numbers every year. Term BA is used for this degree in the other countries but in Latin, it is considered as Artium Baccalaureus. There are several subjects offered in this degree such as History, Sociology, psychology, geography, Economics and many more. BA is a common graduation degree in every country. In term of science subjects, we called it BSc (Bachelor of Sciences). Latin comprise a very large composite of literature so it has keen importance in the education department also and many degrees has its name in the Latin language such as LLB is called Legum Baccalaureus. Artium Baccalaureus is commonly used by the Latin people while in other parts of the world specifically in the English countries it is called BA (Bachelor of Science).

Antibody (AB)

In terms of medical field AB full form is an antibody. It is also called as immunoglobulin by the professionals of medical field or biologists. Technically it is a Y-shaped protein which is produced by the Plasma cells and this protein is used by the immune system of the body to fight against the attack of dangerous pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. It helps the immune system of the body to fight against the pathogens in many ways such as neutralization, Agglutination, Precipitation, lysis and complete activation. In our body antibody is a specific protein which prevents us from many diseases. In the absence of an antibody pathogens can easily attack us and through us in front of a lethal disease. Every antibody has a specific way of action and recognize the antigen in a pathogen and bind with this antigen to prevent the attack of a pathogen. In the modern medical field, antibodies could be prepared outside of the body and put in the body to fight against the pathogens to prevent the patient from death. There are several other ways medical field has developed to fight against the attacks of the pathogen but antibody is the most authentic and natural way to prevent any severe disease. In the medical field, AB could be used to refer the Antigen Binding.

Artificial Breeding (AB)

Breeding is the major subject of the present world. Breeding is the way to produce offspring through mating. It is present in the humans as well as animals. Some professional scientist belongs to the field of breeding have done some experiments a few decades ago to produce the animals with greater meat production or with greater milk production and this scientist are successful to do so. Now these days, we have several animals by which we can get more meat and milk. In the artificial breeding, breeders use the method of embryo transfer. It is also called artificial inseminations in which breeders inseminate the semen directly in the uterus of the female animal so they can produce the offspring according to the breeding technology of the breeders. First, the breeders prepare the semen by using different methods and this semen have the greater and improved version of genes which can able to produce a highly beneficial animal and then the breeders put it into the uterus of the animal, in the end, we have a highly productive animal. There are many examples you can find in the cows, buffalos for these methods of artificial breeding.

Adaptive Behavior (AB)

This term is used usually for the special education and in the field of psychology. Adaptive behavior is the routine tasks which are completed by a child or person with greater success. It is the adoption of behavior to fulfill the requirements of daily life. Some abnormal child has not the ability like the common and normal child to perform the routine tasks and they learned to do the tasks according to the provided facilities. This term relates to the term life skills. You can also understand it by observing the special child during the activity time that how they used their body to develop the behavior according to the environment. The pattern of behavior of a person changes with the development of a person and it enable a person to live a normal life among the other people and in society. It involves the behavior of a person educationally, vocationally and socially. How a person behaves in daily life will directly represent his/her adaptive behavior.

Aerobic Bacteria

If you ever read biology book of standard 10th then you have read this term. Aerobic bacteria are those bacteria which can live only in the presence of oxygen and without oxygen they are unable to live and perform the proper functions while on the other hand there are anaerobic bacteria which can live in the environment where oxygen is not present and a third type of bacteria are also present which can live in both conditions like in the presence of oxygen and in the absence of oxygen.

There are several other full forms of AB are also used in different contexts. Some are listed below.

  • Added benefit
  • Automatic Balancing
  • Amplifier Board
  • Asymmetric Balance
  • American Bandstand

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